About Us

We all got together after the news that the Ards Borough Council had closed and were enforcing the ban at the Leadmines to off-road motorcycles. Our committee along with the trials community had a clear understanding of the Historical use by Trials riders at the venue since the 30’s, possibly one of the main reason’s why so many people owned and rode trials bike’s in the North Down Area, it’s use as a natural development of Trials skills, socializing, fitness & family time together.

Moto Trial NI is the new club on the block for all things motorcycle trials in Northern Ireland. We are a bunch of trial bike enthusiasts who want to do trial bike events in a slightly different way.

Our events welcome both youth & adult riders and offer the 1st timer a venue to come and learn how to ride a trials bike through coaching and then out on the course and sections. We realised that many more people own trials bikes than compete at championship trial bike events and want to explore the interest in our style of events that cater solely for the abilities of riders that find Championship events too difficult.

Through our coaching available to any riders at our events, we believe we will give riders an excellent opportunity to develop their skills through a strong foundation of techniques that will see them progress up through our C, B & A grades which are the equivalent to F, E & D at championship events thus giving the rider a clear understanding if he or she is ready for M.C.U.I championship events.

Trials Grades MCUI vs Moto Trial NI

However all our events are fun and more relaxed in nature with the club fully understanding that without its riders there is no club.  Moto Trial NI is an A.M.C.A affiliated club providing a less expensive way of enjoying the fantastic sport of motorcycle trials.

Our club will also provide an electric bike to any youths who would like to come and ‘try trials’. For the cost of £10/30mins we will provide the use of one of these fantastic mini bikes including crash hat, gear & boots giving the budding rider and his parent’s piece of mind that their son or daughter will get a taste of trials riding in safe and supervised arena.

Moto Trial NI events also include excellent practice areas for riders who just want to enjoy riding their machines at their own leisure or for the championship level rider who wants to have a great day out on their bike practicing and improving their skills with their buddies.

Our committee take on the running of our events and meetings with Ards Borough Council in relation to the Leadmines. The majority of our committee members are based in the North Down area and are made up of committed riders that have been involved in the sport for many years with some having learned about the sport from their fathers & some having been past multi Irish/Ulster Champions & British/World competitors.

Our Trial bike events have three different coloured coded, marked section ‘lines’ and are graded A,B & C with ‘A’ being the most difficult ‘B’ less difficult and ‘C’ geared to the newcomer/novice. The same sections will also be used for youth A,B,C as our events run on relatively easy, to get around, terrain and sections that will suit youth riders (& parents!) In the case of youth C riders it would be advisable that a parent/guardian if not riding, follows round with the child to help and encourage. Sometimes it is enough for these riders to complete 3 of the 4 laps made up of 10 sections per lap.

Pre 65 & Twinshock machine/riders will have their own classification within the event and are graded as above.

The following are example’s of the types of bikes that will be suited to compete on at our events:

Very old English made machines, Pre 65 Ariel’s, BSA’s etc, Bultaco, Montesa, Ossa’s etc, Swm & Fantic etc, Aircooled Yamaha TY Mono’s etc, watercooled Beta, Aprilla, GasGas etc, Modern, Sidecar & Electric!

Entries taken on the day, £20 Adult, £10 Youth. Sidecars £25 per outfit. Practice only riders £10. Minders using a bike £5.

We aim to run these events in a professional manner, with any money made going directly back into the improvement of the event site in terms of, signing on facilities for riders and officials, observer’s facilities, quality course marking, presentation and ease of understanding for the riders. To provide a platform for the Trials industry and non trial industry to showcase their products at our events thus improving even further the overall quality of Trial’s.

It is important to us that people understand our ethos which is to make decisions for our sport that are for the betterment of trials and in a open and clear manner, that is inclusive and fair.

It is also important to us that people trust & understand in the fact that any money made in time and of course with the continued support from our riders & event partners will go back into the support of local Trials programmes including, the John Hagan Youth Academy and in particular participation in Ulster, Irish & British Youth Championships. Support to young adults to aid participation in British expert/championship class events.

Under no circumstance will Moto Trial NI help fund programmes that the clubs committee feel are not in the best interests of the sport of trials, or is to the exclusion of other groups. The club through hard work and ‘getting right’ it’s own events would feel honoured to be in the position to have had a hand in steering and supporting not only it’s own members in their own improvement and enjoyment of the sport of trials but also youth & young adults in theirs.

So here we are and thanks for checking us out! 🙂