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Youth Trial John Whites Nov 16

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Shieldsberg Winter Series Rnd 1 Results

Sunday 16th October 2016 saw Moto Trial NI host the 2016 edition of their Shieldsberg Rodeo Trial at Landscape Supplies yard in Newtownards. Forty one riders of all ages and riding all types of bikes from a 70 year old Matchless to modern bikes including electric Osets tested themselves against not only the sections set out by John White and his team but also the changeable weather!

The event started off in driving rain at 11 am and finished in bright sunshine just after 3pm, the riders having completed 4 laps of the demanding 10 sections that John had set out.

In the main Clubman class 9 riders set off.  The battle for the win was between 3 riders; the father and son combo of Stephen and Ross Pyper as well as Ian Boyd.  As has become the norm now in this grade scoring is very low and one minor slip can be the difference between first and sixth or seventh place! At the halfway stage Stephen just held the lead from Ross, one penalty from Stephen to Ross’s two.  Ian was next with a very good score of six, but a slack three late in lap one left Ian with too wide a gap to try and catch the flying Pypers!!

When the scores were toted up at the end of the second card Stephen and Ross posted identical faultless cards, giving Stephen the win on only one mark lost all day, with Ross on two marks lost.  Both riders did very well in the conditions and it was only the fact Stephen used all his experience from many years of competing to just pip Ross.  It wont be long until Ross turns the tables on his father!  Ian continued consistently to take third place on 9 marks in total.  Fourth home was Robbie Jennings who had a poor day finishing on twenty two marks lost.

Into the Sportsman 50/50 grade; few riders opted for this grade today, many believing that the weather had altered the sections making the too tough.  Allistair Galloway though showed that this did not worry him and he took the win on seventeen marks lost.

The biggest entry of the day was in the Sportsman grade with fifteen riders competing for the win.  Mark Leighton just held Johnny Russell off at the halfway stage by the odd mark, with Andy Jones, Scott McNeill and David Brown fighting it out for the final step on the podium.

At the end of the trial Mark held his nerve to take the win on seventeen marks lost, Scott took second on twenty four lost with Johnny just pipping Eddie Henderson to third both on twenty six marks lost, but Johnny having more cleans gave him the win.

In the Novice grade Ken Stewart was fast out of the blocks and had the rest of the riders chasing him all day.  Riding a Matchless machine that is over 70 years old didnt hold Ken back from taking the win! He finished on a fantastic score of eleven for the four laps, with Russell McKeag taking second spot on sixteen marks lost.  Third was Ian Anderson on thirty two lost with Laura Smyth fourth on forty seven lost.

In the Youth grades Campbell Bailie took the Youth A win, with Harry Smith taking the win from Dylan Smyth in the Youth B grade. Youth C on the big course was won by Pixe Smyth. On the small course newcomer Owen McKee was the winner in the Youth C small course.

Youth D was won by Sophie McMullan.

In the Youth E grade Rachel Houston ran out the winner with Ben Bell and Josh Shivers tied in second place. Ethan Gawley took fourth.

Results: shieldsberg-rodeo-2016



Stephen Pyper 1

Ross Pyper 2

Ian Boyd 9


Sportsman 50/50

Allistair Galloway 17



Mark Leighton 17

Scott McNeill 24

David Brown 25



Ken Stewart 11

Russell McKeag 16

Ian Anderson 32


Youth A

Campbell Bailie 36


Youth B

Harry Smith 26

Dylan Smyth 38


Youth C

Pixe Smyth 24


Youth C small course

Owen McKee


Youth D

Sophie McMullan


Youth E

Rachel Houston

Ben Bell

Josh Shivers

Ethan Gawley


The full results can be found on the Moto Trial NI website and Facebook page.


Moto Tril NI want to thank the riders for supporting the event, the landowners for use of the splendid facilities and special thanks to Bangor Sea Cadets for standing out in the terrible weather in the role of observers.  Details of the next event can also be found on the website and Facebook page.




Master of the Mines Rd2 Results

The cards are in and the scores have been counted!

We had almost 60 riders of all grades competing yesterday and we also had a few up practising as well

The results are below, Neal Perry just pipped Stephen McKee and Aaron

Moore.  Stephen almost gave the brand new TRS a maiden victory in

Ireland, but a fantastic ride all the same for someone who hasn’t been

out on a bike in almost a year and only had a few hours on Wednesday to

get dialled in!

The grades were all contested quite tightly, no one romped home with a

massive win over the others in their grades and no one rode clean all

day which means we got things just about right i think!

If there are any issues with your scores, message one of the team, these

are just the provisional scores.

The 50/50 grades are in each main grade and you will be able to see

where you finished.

You wil also see that the results tally up to 40 sections, this was to

allow the score system to calculate the results properly. every one of

you will have 8 extra “cleans”

A more in depth report will be put out either later tonight or in the

following day or two,

Thanks to all the riders for supporting the event and all the observers

for giving up their day to help out!

Master of the Mines round 2 provisional results July 24th 2016

Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadets observed at the trial & did a fantastic job!



Results for the Leadmines 12 April 2015 4th Round of the Winter Series

Sunday 12th of April saw the 4th round of our series head to the home of trials at the Leadmines at Whitespots.

Despite the heavy overnight and early morning rain almost 80 hardy riders turned up for the event which covered all adult and junior grades.

The team had spent the previous day marking out the course and as we try to keep things as fresh as possible, we had marked out quite a few totally new ones giving a bigger lap.

The weather which was abysmal as we arrived turned out fantastic, just as the trial started the rain eased off, the sun came out and bar for a very light shower near the end the riders got a dry day, at least where rain was concerned as we had picked a few “watery” hazards for them to test their skills on!

Sunday also saw Chris from Signature Works at the trial with his samples of the products that they make for us, we did this to give the riders a chance to see the gear first hand as quite a few had been asking if we were going to offer any of this to the riders.

The full results are listed here and on behalf of the team I would like to thank everyone for making the event turn out a success, even with the poor weather overnight, thanks to Ards & Northdown Borough Council for use of the land, thanks to our caterers for bringing the hot food van, to Chris for his efforts with the clothing, to all the observers, thankfully it stayed dry!!  Finally thanks as always to the competitors, the fact so many still attended when it looked like it was going to be a rotten day shows two things: Firstly that trials riders aren’t afraid of a drop of rain, and secondly that  we have the levels just about right in each grade too.

Roll on our next event!!!!

Grade A 12 04 15

Grade B 12 04 15

Grade C 12 04 15

Youth A 12 04 15

Youth B C 12 04 15

Youth C E 12 04 15