Club Update

Club Update

It has been a few weeks since our last update, so just to bring things up to date.

Events – Our next trial is going to be on 21st July at the park. As usual all grades will be catered for in both the Adult and Youth grades. Start time will be 11am with sign on from 10am. The try trials facility will be available, and this should hopefully be the first event that we will have not only the club Oset, but also our 125 Sherco. So that we can gauge the demand we ask that if you’re interested in a go at this that you email Robert on with your details. We will also be trying out something different this time, the chance for a group of newer riders to take to the course with one of our experienced riders riding round with the group giving a hand with showing the lines to take, gear selection etc.

Our next event after this will be on the 13th of October, at this stage we are looking at the park as the venue, but we may change that and will give plenty of advance notice if we do.

Park opening

As Sunday sees the end of April it is timely to put out that from Wednesday 2nd May, through to the last Wednesday in August, the park will be open from 6pm to 9pm. Sign on from 5:45pm. Usual rules will apply, there is also a reduced entrance fee of £8 for adult members, and £4 for youth members. Sundays carry on without any change.


Rachel is working through the membership forms and we are waiting on the next batch of bibs being printed. If you’ve submitted your forms and not received your pack yet it will hopefully be with you shortly.

One final point.

On Sunday we had an illegal rider enter the park from the car park. They were on a pit bike and arrived in a car with a box trailer. The details of the car and other identifying points are being passed to the relevant authorities. It is unfair to you the membership, and us as a club, that these people chance their arm and access the park illegally, and we hope that action is taken to address it by the council and Police.

One other final point.

The club would like to thank U – Hire from Ards for there help providing a Loo at our events. They have also assisted with other events over the years, so a big shout out to them.

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