Club Update

Club Update

Time for a bit of an update for this month.

  • Due to Christmas and the New Year falling on Sundays this year the decision has been taken not to open the park on these days.
  • Round 2 of the Winter Series @ John Whites Farm 31st of December.

This has been decided due to numerous factors, family time being one, the fact the Boxing Day Trial will be on the Monday another (the Ards Club will have their trial set out by then and we felt that trying to run the park around the sections would be too awkward). The final reason being that our own end of year event on 31st will take a lot of organising and time spent.

So next Sunday – 18th, will be the final park day of 2016, and it has been a fantastic year so far. The build up of members has been more than we as a club expected, and certainly this last few weeks figures, rising to the mega attendance of 38 today, has definitely astounded even our most optimistic committee members!!!

On the subject of our trial on 31st. John is steadily building towards the event with his band of helpers, and we hope to have a good run out for all grades. We will have a main course for the adult and higher youth grades with a separate course for the small wheel youth grades. We also intend to have an area set aside for try trials too. If there is a request, depending on the access John gets to adjoining land, we may also run a practice element as we have previously. To this end I would ask that anyone seeking to use the try trials or practice area make contact with a committee member and let us know. The try trials will be set out as at our youth day with slots allocated to those who wish to have a go.

I will put out another more detailed post about the trial nearer the event so you will all be up to speed.

Once again, on behalf of all at the club, thank you for your continued support. It really does make what we do worthwhile.

One final note. I have been lax with the results from our youth event. I am sorry they haven’t been posted, I hope to get them done and up tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.

1,200 people reached