Event update

Event update


It has been a while from we last held a trial. Numerous reasons for this, however on Monday night’s committee meeting we have come together to set out our plan for events for the rest of 2017.

We plan to run four trials in the “Club Championship” between now and the end of the year.

There will be two of these events held at Whitespots Trial Park and they will be run not only as counting rounds to the Championship, but also as a mini series for the title of “Master of the Mines”

The dates and venues are as follows

8th of July – Whitespots Trial Park
19th of August – Whitespots Trial Park
21st of October- venue tbc
30th of December – John Whites Farm

As always we will have a course set out for the adult grades which will be used by the upper youth grades and a separate course for the small wheeled youth riders

We look forward to seeing you all