It’s Show Time! Leadmines Trial Park Update

It’s Show Time! Leadmines Trial Park Update

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It has been a while from our last update, but we have been working away the whole time on this project… so it is good to be in a position to let you all know where things have moved on to.

Following on from the approval of the planning application to formally establish the trials park, a massive amount of “behind the scenes” work was carried out by council officials. This included getting tenders in for the remedial works that were required before the park could open.

As anyone who rode on Boxing Day saw, that work was progressing well. A new lane was to be constructed to access the designated area for the trials park, and fences were required in certain areas.

That work is scheduled to be finished by the end of February.

We as a club then had a fair bit of work to do, getting the insurance sorted out, arranging a code of conduct for members, organising club membership cards, identification bibs etc.

We are almost there with all this and after almost three years it is fantastic that we are able to formally announce that as of March 6th “Leadmines Trials Park” will officially open!!

Firstly, the opening times: The park will be open year round on Sundays from October to March the opening times will be 10 am to 4 pm. From April to September the opening times will be extended until 5 pm From May to August the park will also be open on a Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm.

I know from speaking to quite a few riders that this will not be ideal, in a perfect world we would all want to see the park open longer, but for various reasons (prohibitive insurance costs being the biggest) this cannot be facilitated at this stage. However, that is something that can maybe be revised once we see how the day to day running of the park turns out.

Secondly, and probably the most important thing to you the riders, cost.

Having worked closely with the council, a fee for use has been established. The insurance is also in place (after a massive amount of consultation) and as a result of this the costs are as follows:

Yearly membership fee for adults £25. Family membership fee £30 (1 adult and up to 2 kids), additional children £5.

Daily fees. £10 per adult per day £5 per child per day (second child goes free). All children must be accompanied by an adult.

All adults riding with a child must also pay (£15 = 1 adult and up to 2 kids) Must be parent/guardian.

One day riders who are not members but just turn up for a day, £20 plus £10 surcharge on the bib which will be returned at the end of day when bib is returned. (To be compliant with insurance etc, there must be a minimum of three riders)

We tried for ages to get costs down further but the insurance was too costly any other way!!

Membership, conditions and code of conduct. Payment for use of the park entitles the rider to access to the park for those days they have paid for. Other than day passes all members will be issued with a membership card and a coloured bib with their own unique identification number. The card must be carried on the days attending for checking by club members, council officials or Police. The bib MUST be worn at all times so each rider is identified as having permission to be in the park. A different bib will be worn by riders attending on a day pass.

Code of Conduct

A “code of conduct” form must be signed at the time of registration. This will contain a set of rules of use which will include both club rules and council rules (see attached forms) The most important of these are that ONLY trials bikes are permitted and riders must wear boots, helmets and bibs. No riding in prohibited areas. This includes Clandeboye Estate. No riding on days when the park is not officially open (this will not effect any trials run by other clubs). A major point that the club has had to sign up to that will mean any rider found riding on the Leadmines Trial Park or prohibited areas (see map) will be captured on camera if possible and all info regarding the riders name sent to the PSNI as well as Ards and Northdown council. Under no circumstances will the club allow other riders who are not using the ground in a official and paid manner to undermine or destroy what the Ards and Northdown Borough Council & Moto Trial NI have worked tirelessly over these last 3 years to achieve. This now official Trial Park is to be used in the manner intended and for future generations of Trials riders to enjoy their sport, the way we all were able to for so many years. This should be remembered by all riders, we all thought we had lost the Leadmines, so do not give those who would see it closed reason to try and get their way.


If any rider breaches the code of conduct or club/ council rules there will be sanctions. Depending on the breach they will range from a written warning to exclusion. Riders who are not properly registered, or who flagrantly breach these codes also may find themselves subject to possible court action as illegal riding can breach by laws and road traffic legislation AND your motorcycle could be seized by the Police as well. There has been a massive amount of work put in by both the council and ourselves to ensure that we didn’t lose the Leadmines, so we have to ensure that irresponsible behaviour doesn’t lead to losing the use of the Leadmines.


#Moto Trial NI reserve the right to change or amend any and all terms and conditions if necessary. Please bear with us guys, we are learning on our feet.

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