Leadmines Update August 2015!

Leadmines Update August 2015!

It has been quite a while from there has been any update into the progress of getting back into the Leadmines

As most if not all of you know the Council prior to the merger had submitted a planning application to turn a designated area on the Leadmines into a “trials park”. The complexities of this meant this matter has taken over two years! It has been a long process and at times it was frustrating, but having worked closely with Richard and Ian from the Council we always had a hope that things would work out in our favour!

There have been quite a lot of comments, on social media and in person suggesting that this was a non starter and that the council were not acting in good faith in their discussions with us. In fact, there were comments made where people who should have had more insight were talking nonsense and either muddying the waters or being deliberately malicious!

So!! As a club we can officially announce that all the hard work by the Council and ourselves and the patience shown by the majority of riders has been worth it!!

Planning approval has been granted for the Councils planned use of the area as a trials park.

While this is fantastic news and as a club we are ecstatic, there is still some work to be done. This will entail remedial works at the Leadmines, Richard and Ian have to put a document together explaining to the councillors how much the works required by planning will cost and how the general ‘Trial Bike Park’ management plan will work. The council need to agree this ‘venture’ and ratify it, which at the earliest will be September. There will also I would imagine need to be a tendering process for the work that needs completed. I was with Richard today and he has explained how fencing is needed in various areas, the top of the Shale face, around special trees etc.
In relation to the “Management Plan” there will be some discussion and work by us with the council to put in place all the formalities that will allow the project to run smoothly. What days the area will be open, how the access will be granted and monitored, how insurance and entry fees will be structured.

BUT the main thing is the planning approval has been granted!!

Bear with us, indeed come forward and work with us to help make sure that we end up with a venue that works for all our needs, us as trials riders, the council for landowners and hopefully not only we will be officially back in, but the matter will be sorted out once and for all!

We have the potential to make this the only purposely structured and managed area of its kind on the island

Finally I want to place on public record our thanks as a club to Richard and Ian for all the hard work and dedication they have put into pushing this matter forward, it has been refreshing to see a council take on the issue and indeed engage with a club to try and sort this problem out!!!