Master of the Mines Rd 2

Master of the Mines Rd 2

Sundays trial is nearly upon us folks, so time for one last update

John, our trials coordinator, ably assisted by members of the committee, have been busy over the past few Sunday and Wednesdays cutting out the sections for Sundays event.

As normal we will cater for all grades both adult and youth. The youth riders depending on grade will ride various routes including A&B grades on the full adult course, C grade on a combination of adult course and youth course and the D&E grades on their own special course.

We are also expanding our 50/50 routes.  Briefly that means riders can elect to ride up a grade in some sections, these sections will be clearly marked.  On sign on you will decide if you want to ride the normal route for your grade or go 50/50, you’ll get a special 50/50 plate to show the observers that you’re keen to try the harder sections where allowed. This gives you the scope to try the harder grade without ending up frustrated if you can’t tackle some of the sections!

We will also be trying out a new idea for observers. We have been working with a local sea cadets club who have kindly shown a wish to help out. These guys were up on Wednesday night learning how to observe a section and mark your punch cards, and it’s fair to say we as a club are looking forward to this, as it sometimes is quite frantic trying to get enough observers! Some riders have in the past kindly gave up their day to ensure the event has enough observers, and we all feel that this is unfair to riders who want to ride, but are keen to make sure the trial happens!!!
Don’t fret though!!  We are still keeping the rule that if you turn up with an observer you qualify for a free entry!

The trial will start at 11am with the Clubman grade heading off first, followed by Sportsman & Novice/Beginner.

As we cater for all abilities on all types of trials bike this really should be the event to dig out all your old vintage, twinshock, mono and modern bikes for.

Bringing things bang up to date Stephen McKee (TRS Agent) will also have the ONLY TRS in the country at the event, he had it up on Wednesday evening and I have to say seeing it up close and getting a good look around it, I’m pretty impressed, they’re also quite competitive price wise!

Also, a reminder that our next event after Sunday is penciled in for 21st August so if you cannot make Sunday, put this date in your diary! This date will be confirmed as soon as possible.

On a final note folks, please please please do NOT appear at the event with your smartphones expecting to go looking for Pokemon! We are a TRIALS CLUB!!!!!!

We rounded all the wee nuisances up on Wednesday night and currently have them under lock and key in a safe location!!  Bribes can be paid to release them if you wish!!!

So roll on Sunday and we’re really looking forward to see how things go, see you there!!!