Master of the Mines Rd2 Results

Master of the Mines Rd2 Results

The cards are in and the scores have been counted!

We had almost 60 riders of all grades competing yesterday and we also had a few up practising as well

The results are below, Neal Perry just pipped Stephen McKee and Aaron

Moore.  Stephen almost gave the brand new TRS a maiden victory in

Ireland, but a fantastic ride all the same for someone who hasn’t been

out on a bike in almost a year and only had a few hours on Wednesday to

get dialled in!

The grades were all contested quite tightly, no one romped home with a

massive win over the others in their grades and no one rode clean all

day which means we got things just about right i think!

If there are any issues with your scores, message one of the team, these

are just the provisional scores.

The 50/50 grades are in each main grade and you will be able to see

where you finished.

You wil also see that the results tally up to 40 sections, this was to

allow the score system to calculate the results properly. every one of

you will have 8 extra “cleans”

A more in depth report will be put out either later tonight or in the

following day or two,

Thanks to all the riders for supporting the event and all the observers

for giving up their day to help out!

Master of the Mines round 2 provisional results July 24th 2016

Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadets observed at the trial & did a fantastic job!