Master of the Mines Round 2

Master of the Mines Round 2

A date has been set for round two of the Master of the Mines series, and it is Sunday 24th July.

Venue: Whitespots Trial Park – click on the Google Map here for directions.

As usual we will be setting out a course suitable for all grades, but having spoken to a few riders who approached John we have decided to expand on a theme. We have for quite a while known that some riders are keen to move up the grades as they progress and to accommodate that we allowed riders to ride the odd section they felt capable of trying in the higher grade without instantly “fiving” that section.
At the next round we will have more sections suitable for this and these will be easily recognized as there will be marker boards at the start saying “50/50”, that means those that want to try to move up can ride that section if they wish, the observers will know too that this is allowed.

For those of you that fancy having a go at a Trial, get yourself along! We mark a very straightforward ‘beginner’ grade that is set-out to accommodate your level of experience and is aimed at getting you rolling and not putting you off.

We also intend to mark out a small wheel course for our C,D & E youth grades at this event too

As always there is a lot of time and effort goes into setting this up, and it is great news that a few riders have approached us and are now on board to help with the running of the events, but remember folks, anyone that wants to help set out the course only needs to put their hand up and let us know, your help will as ever be greatly appreciated!

The team are all stations go for this event and even more new sections will be used along with the 50/50 sections!

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for more information about the days we intend to prepare the course, but Saturday 23rd will be “marking out” day, come along and help out if you can.