Master of the Mines Round 3

Master of the Mines Round 3


Sunday 21st August saw round 3 of the popular Master of the Mines series

hosted by the Moto Trial NI club at Whitespots Trial Park in Newtownards.

The clubs trials co-ordinator, John White, assisted by club members, had

spent the previous weeks and the day before the event getting the

sections ready. Indeed so committed to this task, they even braved

Saturdays torrential rain to set the course out.

The trial started at 11:15 am in bright sunshine as our youngest club

member Josh Shivers led a group of over 40 riders away for a days enjoyment.

John had expanded his 50/50 route idea for this event and had moved the

level of severity up a notch for the main group, the Clubmen.  As usual

the trial took the format of 4 laps of 8 sections that each rider had to


In the Clubman grade it was a close battle all day.  Barry Smyth, giving

minding duties for his family a miss today, started off with a slack dab

in the first section, but kept his nerve and posted a 2 lap score of

just that 1 point, having ridden the rest of the 2 laps faultless. Tied

with Barry at this stage was Sasha Turkington, she though went about

things totally opposite to Barry, she rode the 2 laps faultless until

she had a slack dab on the very last section of lap 2, to finish on 1

mark lost.

Three riders battled it out for the 3rd place at the halfway stage with

Davy McKnight and Aaron Moore tied on 7 marks lost, hotly chased by

Robbie Jennings on 8 marks.

The battle for the win was on and it was a nerve biting wait for Barry

and Sasha to come back to the sign on to see who had won out.  Again it

was close, but Barry used all his years of riding to keep his nerve and

post a faultless 2nd card to take the win on that solitary 1 mark lost.

Sasha dropped 2 marks on her last lap which gave her a clear 2nd place,

and I have no doubt that if she had more “bike time”, she has hardly

been on her bike over this last couple of years, she would have given

Barry a tighter run for it, maybe next time!!! Davy kept hold of 3rd at

the finish from Robbie who pipped Aaron by 1 mark.

in the Sportsman 50/50 grade 6 riders from the Sportsmans grade decided

to test their skills in the slightly harder 50/50 grade.  At the halfway

stage of 2 laps completed David Brown took the lead, just holding off

Allistair Galloway by 1 mark, with Jack McNeill 3rd a futher point

behind. The riders then fought out the final 2 laps and at the end of

the trial Allistair took the win on 19 marks lost, David was 2nd on 23

marks lost with Jack taking the last step of the podium on 34 marks

lost.  Not a bad result for Jack who is new to the sport and was

competing in his first trial having joined the club only a few months ago.

In the Sportsman grade 2 riders started well, Robin McClure and Scott

Blackwood and they fought it out for the win all day long.  At the

halfway stage Robin held Scott off with 3 marks lost to Scotts 4, next

was Alan Young on 7 marks lost and he was hotly chased by a host of

riders including Mark Leighton.  As the final 2 laps progressed it was

an ongoing swapping of the top 3 places and at the end of the trial

Scott had secured the win on a fantastic total of 4 marks lost having

posted a faultless second card!!  While he actually tied on 4 with

Robin, count back had to be used to separate them and it was that close

that the only way they could be separated was by way of furthest clean,

Robin having lost his fourth mark on the third lap with Scott going

clean!  Given that Scott was competing on his 30 odd year old twinshock

Fantic this is an even more enjoyable win for Scott and he was delighted

at the end when the scores were announced. Alan held on to take 3rd on 8

marks lost having only dropped 1 mark over the final 2 laps.

In the Novice grade, which is designed for absolute beginners to trials,

3 riders took on the course.  Ken Stewart tackled the sections on his

1950s Matchless 350, which he keeps in amazing condition given its age.

And he certainly knows how to ride it too, as he was a clear winner in

this grade.  He only dropped 3 single dabs over the 32 sections to take

the win from Patrick Turner on 14 and Laura Smyth taking 3rd on 32 marks

lost.  Laura rode with a smile all day, and it is fantastic as a club to

see her, Barry and their children Dylan and Pixe all out enjoying the

trial as a family, which is something we believe trials is all about.

On into the youth grades.  No Youth A riders at this event so the Youth

B was the premier grade for younger riders and Dylan Smyth was the

winner in this grade.  His younger sister was not to be out done by

Dylan and in the Youth C grade Pixe Smyth matched Dylan by taking the

win!  That was 3 of the Smyth family taking the wins at the event!  In

the Youth D grade Sophie Coulter was the winner.

There were four riders

in the Youth E grade all riding their Oset electric bikes and after the

4 laps the winner by a clear margin was young Josh Shivers! Sophie

McMullan was 2nd by 1 mark from Ben Bell with Rachel Houston taking 4th.

The club would like to thank everyoe who made the event possible, from

the local landowners to the observers who gave up their day to allow the

riders to have a days fun, but most importantly to the riders for coming

and supporting the club by competing.

The date of the clubs next trial will be announced shortly on our

website and Facebook page.




Barry Smyth 1

Sasha Turkington 3

Robbie Jennings 9


Sportsman 50/50

Allistair Galloway 19

David Brown 23

Jack McNeill 34



Scott Blackwood 4

Robin McClure 4

Alan Young 8



Ken Stewart 3

Patrick Turner 14

Laura Smyth 32


Youth B

Dylan Smyth


Youth C

Pixe Smyth


Youth D

Sophie Coulter


Youth E

Josh Shivers

Sophie McMullan

Ben Bell

Rachel Houston