Mourne Country Park Course Map

Mourne Country Park Course Map

This weekends 2nd round of the Winter Series is fast approaching and the team have been busy with the course at what will be the 1st ever trial ran at this exciting venue!

As usual we have a full A,B & C Adult course with A having a couple of harder sections, B is the usual standard you would expect from our events and C is set-out for the sole purpose of giving the novice/beginner rider a nice intro into the world of Trials. The course we estimate is around the 6km made up by a decent lane and a track in and around the beautiful old forest.

Again Moto Trial NI have a full youth course set out with A & B riding the Adult course and  C,D & E having a super area marked out with 4 laps of 6 sections which is separate to the bigger adult lap.

We have also made new markers and starts and ends that will be used at our events with each grade being ‘gated’! Grade A will be two blue gates, grade B two red gates and grade C two yellow gates with the main section being taped. We believe this will make everyone’s grade very easy to follow, riders will also receive a round grade related sticker that must be displayed on the front of their machine, this is for the observer to easily recognize the grade in which the rider is in.

The ‘Try Trials’ area will be at the start finish car-park beside the golf driving range  and as usual gives parents and kids an opportunity to get a taste of what trials riding is about.


The club would like to ask for the help of any observers that would like to make themselves available at this Saturdays trial and free entry will be given to any rider who brings one.

We would also like to point out that there is two way traffic from the start area up to the sections and that there will be no riding about at the paddock/carpark before or after the event has started.

The team @ Moto Trial NI look forward to welcoming everyone along this Saturday and we hope you all have a great day out on the bike or spectating!

If anyone that is new to the sport and wants some more information then please get in touch with us via email: