Mourne Park update

Mourne Park update

Ok folks

We’re almost there, only four more sleeps til Mourne Park

The team spent Sunday down cutting out the sections, and they’ll be down on Friday marking the sections out. We try to asset the levels at the right severity and if any of you are free to help on Friday it would be greatly appreciated, and remember this gives YOU the rider the chance to have input into YOUR sections.

As is the norm, we will be catering for Clubmen, Sportsmen, and Novices on the main course. Four laps of ten sections for the top two grades, four laps of eight for the Novice grade. Remember too, we decided to run trials for you taking into account the new riders to the sport. To that end this course is super easy for the Novice rider, if you’ve never ridden a trial do not think it will be beyond your abilities, we have ensured that by using the lanes and grading the Novice grade right that as long as you can stand and ride the bike, you will get round and more importantly you’ll have a great days craic like the rest.

There will be a separate smaller course for the younger youth riders too.

Some of you may know that on the morning of our last trial at the park one of our members Mark was involved in quite a serious accident right at the gate as he was helping set up. His van was badly damaged, as was his bike inside and he was badly injured in what must have been a hairy crash.

We on the committee have discussed at length how to try to help Mark and while he has said he doesn’t want anything, we feel REALLY strongly as a club, we should help him out. SO what we have decided is that the proceeds from the trial will be donated to Mark to help him, and we’d hope as many of you as possible come out and support us, and Mark.

Our friends from the Sea Cadets are providing observers, although we may need more, so remember, a rider bringing an observer gets a FREE ENTRY

Sign on will be in the car park beside the Driving Range, from 10 am, with the trial starting at 11 am or shortly after that.

As usual please respect this venue both in the carpark and on the course.

See you all on Saturday morning