Trial Update


Our next event takes place at Whitespots Trial Park on Saturday 21st July, starting at 11am.

The course and sections will be suitable for all grades and indeed all types of bikes, including modern, classic, pre 65, twinshocks and electric.

The main course will cater for all adult grades of Clubman, Sportsman, and Novice/Beginner, with the emphasis being on total beginners being able to ride the course and sections without any concerns or fear. There is a growing group now of female riders and all grades will suit these riders too, whatever grade they wish to ride. The adult course will also be used for big wheeled youth riders on both petrol and electric bikes.

For this trial we also intend (if there is enough riders requesting it) to have an experienced rider accompany groups round the course to offer advice and handy tips to you. Line selection, gear selection and general advice being the order of the day!

There will as always be a small course for junior riders, separate to the main course.

We hope to have the assistance of the Sea Cadets for observers duties, but as always, any rider who brings an observer will get a free entry.

Anyone wishing to observe a section is more than welcome to come along and help out.

One point of note for all riders is that there is to be no riding about the car park prior to the event please

See you all next week!!

Moto Trial NI

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Passing of Madelaine Rodgers

On behalf of the committee & club members, Moto Trail NI would like to pass on their heart felt condolences to the Rodgers Family, David, Tara, Mark, Paul, Rebecca, Jacqueline, Vanessa, the wider family circle & friends at the passing of Madelaine Rodgers, the wife of Billy Rodgers, life long Trials competitor, Lightweight Club member & MCUI Official.

Madelaine’s funeral will be held at Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church, Silverbirch Rd, Bangor BT19 6EU @ 11am on Wednesday 27th June.



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Moto Trial NI Limited – AGM

Moto Trial NI Limited
Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Moto Trial NI Limited will be held on Monday 25th June 2016 at 7.30pm – in Londonderry Park The Pavilion,1 Portaferry Rd, Newtownards, Ards BT23 8NN, UK, Newtownards to transact the following business:

1. Minutes of the AGM dated 26 June 2017
2. To receive the Chairman’s Report
3. To receive the accounts for 2017
4. Election of officers
5. Other general business.

Warren McKee
Secretary, Moto Trial NI Limited.
Dated this day 28th May 2018

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It’s Wednesday Night Fever!

Ok folks Whitespots Trial Park #themines is open for business tonight Wednesday 16th May & all Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 9pm for the rest of May, June, July & August!

Get your glad rags on & go bust a few moves on your Retro, Old E or Modern, as long as it’s a Trials bike petrol or electric we don’t care.

The Club is currently under negotiation with the now world famous Terry McKee #ChinkyBou to make an appearance this evening after his successful finish at last weeks SSDT!!

The weather’s looking #Hot for tonight guys – see you up there.

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Club Update

It has been a few weeks since our last update, so just to bring things up to date.

Events – Our next trial is going to be on 21st July at the park. As usual all grades will be catered for in both the Adult and Youth grades. Start time will be 11am with sign on from 10am. The try trials facility will be available, and this should hopefully be the first event that we will have not only the club Oset, but also our 125 Sherco. So that we can gauge the demand we ask that if you’re interested in a go at this that you email Robert on with your details. We will also be trying out something different this time, the chance for a group of newer riders to take to the course with one of our experienced riders riding round with the group giving a hand with showing the lines to take, gear selection etc.

Our next event after this will be on the 13th of October, at this stage we are looking at the park as the venue, but we may change that and will give plenty of advance notice if we do.

Park opening

As Sunday sees the end of April it is timely to put out that from Wednesday 2nd May, through to the last Wednesday in August, the park will be open from 6pm to 9pm. Sign on from 5:45pm. Usual rules will apply, there is also a reduced entrance fee of £8 for adult members, and £4 for youth members. Sundays carry on without any change.


Rachel is working through the membership forms and we are waiting on the next batch of bibs being printed. If you’ve submitted your forms and not received your pack yet it will hopefully be with you shortly.

One final point.

On Sunday we had an illegal rider enter the park from the car park. They were on a pit bike and arrived in a car with a box trailer. The details of the car and other identifying points are being passed to the relevant authorities. It is unfair to you the membership, and us as a club, that these people chance their arm and access the park illegally, and we hope that action is taken to address it by the council and Police.

One other final point.

The club would like to thank U – Hire from Ards for there help providing a Loo at our events. They have also assisted with other events over the years, so a big shout out to them.

Moto Trial NI

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2018 Whitespots Trial Park Membership Forms & Event Update

Well folks, 2017 is past & 2018 is well under way!
We had a fantastic year with the park the last two years & membership has been steadily growing and not surprisingly, we’ve seen an increase in family attendance which is what any of us “old hands” remember about the Mines. Days spent up with your friends and parents doing what we all love.

Moving into 2018 we hope to continue as we have been going, improving and expanding facilities at the park.

2018 membership forms will shortly be emailed to all past members, and these have also been placed on the website, under the ‘Whitespots’ Tab  for easy access. Remember both park forms require signatures and for any NEW members you will also need to enclose a passport type photo. These forms, photo and fee should then be posted to the address on the forms. Our membership secretary Rachel will process these as quickly as she can and get your shiny new membership cards out to you.
This year we will be going back to bibs for all members and they will be distributed as soon as we have them available.

Onto our postponed event Saturday past. As a club we were very disappointed that we had to cancel, however we have looked through the calendar and the soonest we can get a free date is Saturday 3rd of February 2018.

All usual terms apply, 11a.m. start with a good big lap for adults and youth A & B, the beginner adult sections and lap will be very suitable. Any beginner adults that feel they are not yet ready for a full lap, come along and ride the youth mini course as a practice. You will find this very useful.

Youth mini course is from 4yrs & upwards and caters for the beginner.

Try Trials is from 4yrs on the clubs Oset mini bike and we now have a 125cc bike for older youth and any adults that want to try our sport. It’s £10 for this and a booking time-wise needs to be made before hand. If you email

This will still be at John Whites farm and we will post an update closer to the time

On behalf of everyone at the club can.I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year

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Urgent update re Trial tomorrow!

Reluctantly and regrettably we have to announce that due to last night’s absolute deluge of rain tomorrow’s trial that we planned to run at John Whites farm has been cancelled. As you can see from the photo the car parking field is water logged as are the surrounding fields and there is absolutely nowhere else to park, so the event cannot go ahead.

This is extremely unfortunate, however you will all understand that John and the other landowners earn off their land and if we even managed to get everyone in, which I very much doubt, we would ruin the field for weeks or months to come

Please keep an eye out for when the trial will be rescheduled in the next few days.

Apologies for the late notice, but we wanted to give as much of a chance for the trial as possible.

Moto Trial NI

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Event & Trial Park Update

Well folks, the year is almost over, and a fantastic year it was. Park numbers are up showing that the demand is there, thank you for your support.

The park is closed on Sunday 24th and 31st opening again on Sunday 7th January.

But don’t despair. If you’re wanting out in your bike the Ards Club have their annual Boxing Day trial and our own end of year trial is on Saturday 30th December at John Whites farm, 134 Movilla Road Newtownards BT238RJ. The lane is on the left coming from Ards and is just almost at John Hagan’s cement place.
As usual all grades catered for in both the adult and youth grades with two courses, and an expanded and revamped “try trials”, we have added a 125 Sherco to the Oset so we can now offer this to older youth and adult riders too.
It will be great to see you all.

On the park theme. We put it out to the membership to see if we could get 8 or so members to make up a core gate committee as we are having to revert back to having someone at the gate during the opening hours. Unfortunately we didn’t get enough volunteers stepping up for this (only 4 put themselves forward, and for their commitment over the year they will, as we offered, be entitled to free use of the park). Given that there are only four doing this we will still need to have some days covered by the rest of the membership. As a result we have to get a running order set up and Rachel is working away at this and she will contact you all to sort out the dates that need covered and who can do it. You can pick a three hour slot in the morning or afternoon and for that you will as before be entitled to a days free park access.

The new 2018 Whitespots Trial Park membership forms will up on our website at the start of next week so please get your forms in.

Finally on behalf of myself and all at Moto Trial NI I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to you and yours

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Park & Events Updates

Ok folks…

It has been a few weeks since I lasted updated things around the park so here’s what’s been happening

After a long consultation process between Robert, Andy & Russell and the Council we have been (in principle) authorised to carry out some work around the facilities. The biggest part of this is that we now have permission to place two containers at the entrance to the park that can be used by the club. It will make the signing on a lot easier and give an area to keep stuff while you are up the park.These have still to be put through planning by us but the Council will be behind it and we need to source adequate insurance for the containers.

We are still seeing attendance levels into double figures on Sundays and that is fantastic to see as it proves that the whole ethos of the park is well received and needed.

There have been a few incidents where members have noted illegal riders on the park, but unfortunately this is not being reported at the time. Can we ask that you flag this up to us as soon as possible so that we can “live time” report this to the Council and Police so that appropriate action can be taken.

For note of all members, due to Xmas Eve and Old Years falling on Sundays, and as the Ards Club are running at the Park on Boxing day and we are running an event at John Whites on Saturday 30th the committee have decided to close the park on Xmas Eve and Old Years Day

Moving on to events

Don’t forget the event being run by Darren Gazzard and John White at Johns on Movilla Road next Saturday 9th December. It is an event that will be perfectly geared towards most if not all of our members, right from absolute beginners.

Our next club trial is as mentioned on Saturday 30th December at John Whites Farm, Movilla Road, Newtownards. Starting at 11a.m. It will be the usual ten sections over x4 laps catering for adult grades, clubman, sportsman & beginners, also youth A, B & C

We will also run a small course for the mini bikes, age 4 and upwards.

We are going to have the “try trials” facilities available at this event and we are pleased to announce that we have expanded this. We have purchased a Sherco 125 and we can now offer rides to all ages not just the younger riders who made use of the club Oset. We have safety equipment for the younger, smaller riders including boots, helmets etc. Unfortunately we do not have any at this stage for adult riders so if you want to book a go at try trials I would ask that you make contact with one of the committee beforehand or bring your own boots and a hat. This should run well as Robert has had quite a bit of interest from families where adults and kids want to have a go, so hopefully we will see both bikes well used on the day.

Yours in Sport

Moto Trial NI

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Mourne Park update

Ok folks

We’re almost there, only four more sleeps til Mourne Park

The team spent Sunday down cutting out the sections, and they’ll be down on Friday marking the sections out. We try to asset the levels at the right severity and if any of you are free to help on Friday it would be greatly appreciated, and remember this gives YOU the rider the chance to have input into YOUR sections.

As is the norm, we will be catering for Clubmen, Sportsmen, and Novices on the main course. Four laps of ten sections for the top two grades, four laps of eight for the Novice grade. Remember too, we decided to run trials for you taking into account the new riders to the sport. To that end this course is super easy for the Novice rider, if you’ve never ridden a trial do not think it will be beyond your abilities, we have ensured that by using the lanes and grading the Novice grade right that as long as you can stand and ride the bike, you will get round and more importantly you’ll have a great days craic like the rest.

There will be a separate smaller course for the younger youth riders too.

Some of you may know that on the morning of our last trial at the park one of our members Mark was involved in quite a serious accident right at the gate as he was helping set up. His van was badly damaged, as was his bike inside and he was badly injured in what must have been a hairy crash.

We on the committee have discussed at length how to try to help Mark and while he has said he doesn’t want anything, we feel REALLY strongly as a club, we should help him out. SO what we have decided is that the proceeds from the trial will be donated to Mark to help him, and we’d hope as many of you as possible come out and support us, and Mark.

Our friends from the Sea Cadets are providing observers, although we may need more, so remember, a rider bringing an observer gets a FREE ENTRY

Sign on will be in the car park beside the Driving Range, from 10 am, with the trial starting at 11 am or shortly after that.

As usual please respect this venue both in the carpark and on the course.

See you all on Saturday morning

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