Club Update

Time for a bit of an update for this month.

  • Due to Christmas and the New Year falling on Sundays this year the decision has been taken not to open the park on these days.
  • Round 2 of the Winter Series @ John Whites Farm 31st of December.

This has been decided due to numerous factors, family time being one, the fact the Boxing Day Trial will be on the Monday another (the Ards Club will have their trial set out by then and we felt that trying to run the park around the sections would be too awkward). The final reason being that our own end of year event on 31st will take a lot of organising and time spent.

So next Sunday – 18th, will be the final park day of 2016, and it has been a fantastic year so far. The build up of members has been more than we as a club expected, and certainly this last few weeks figures, rising to the mega attendance of 38 today, has definitely astounded even our most optimistic committee members!!!

On the subject of our trial on 31st. John is steadily building towards the event with his band of helpers, and we hope to have a good run out for all grades. We will have a main course for the adult and higher youth grades with a separate course for the small wheel youth grades. We also intend to have an area set aside for try trials too. If there is a request, depending on the access John gets to adjoining land, we may also run a practice element as we have previously. To this end I would ask that anyone seeking to use the try trials or practice area make contact with a committee member and let us know. The try trials will be set out as at our youth day with slots allocated to those who wish to have a go.

I will put out another more detailed post about the trial nearer the event so you will all be up to speed.

Once again, on behalf of all at the club, thank you for your continued support. It really does make what we do worthwhile.

One final note. I have been lax with the results from our youth event. I am sorry they haven’t been posted, I hope to get them done and up tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.

1,200 people reached
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Ards Motorcycle Club Turner Trophy Trial

Remember, remember, Doyle’s the winner!!


Ards Motorcycle Club Turner Trophy Trial

Saturday 5th November saw the Ards Club host the third round of the Irish Trials Championships at the Leadmines, Newtownards.

The club had spent the previous weeks setting out a course over the Leadmines and the neighbouring land, with the kind permission of the landowners, to test the ability of riders in all the grades from Expert Elite through to Youth. At this time of year the weather usually has a part to play and it was no different this time, although strangely, it was an absolutely beautifully dry and sunny, if cold, day and this meant the sections were perhaps made slightly easier than when they were set out.

Eighty one riders of all ages and abilities and from all corners of the country set off on their mixture of modern, classic and electric bikes to tackle ten sections over four laps, with the usual pressure of a time limit to add to the drama!


In the top Expert Elite grade with ten riders, the anticipated battle was between current leader and defending champion, Sean Doyle from Bray near Dublin, and local lad Stuart McClurg.  Both riders had a win apiece going into the event.  Third placed Chris Brown would also be pushing these two as well.

After two laps, the halfway stage, both Stuart and Sean were tied on 9 marks lost.  Stuart had started better, 3 to Sean’s 7 on the first lap, but a 5 on lap two and a 2 mark loss by Sean kept them locked together. Third at this stage was Chris on 18 marks lost.  The scene was set then for a fight to the end for the win in the final two laps.

Both riders handed in their final score cards just in time to avoid penalties for going over the five hour limit and when the scores were tallied up Sean pipped Stuart by 3 marks for the win to extend his lead in the championship.  It was 16 for Sean and 19 for Stuart!  Stuart will be kicking himself, as a poor third lap where he dropped 10 marks with two 5’s really did cost him the win.  He rode the last lap faultless, the only rider to do a clean lap in the grade all day.  Chris held on to take third on 29 from young Josh Hanlon in fourth on 38 marks lost.



In the Expert grade nine riders took to the course and at the halfway stage Neal Perry just held off Andrew McCrory for first, 7 marks to 9. Alexander Lennox held third on 12 marks lost.  The lead then was swapped numerous times over the next two laps but once the final scores came out Jake Hanlon had come from the middle of the pack to take the win! His final card of only 3 marks lost really did the trick, this was a quarter of the scores of the other riders and pushed Andrew and Neal down the podium, with Andrew taking second and Neal third. Jake had 18, Andrew 21 and Neal with 25.



The Semi Expert grade was won by Mark Harris who showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the riders by setting off with a fantastic first half score of only 3 marks, giving him the lead from Jonny Hagan on 10.  Mark kept the momentum going, posting only single mark loses on the next two laps to take the win on 5 marks from Jonny on 14.  Jonny though had the best lap of all on his last lap posting a faultless display. Third home was Stanley Callaghan with 28, showing how well Mark and Jonny had been riding.  Next in fourth was Matt Millar.



In the Clubman class it was a ding dong nerve jangling battle all day with any one of a handful of riders including Stephen Pyper, Roger Callaghan, Stephen Murphy, Phillip McClurg or one of the McKee brothers in with a shout.

At the halfway stage of what is always a low scoring grade, Stephen Pyper just held off Terence McKee, who was debuting his brand new 2017 4RT Montesa, and Roger Callaghan by 1 mark.  He had lost only 1 to their 2. A host of riders were fighting for the lower positions, with Terrys brother Warren and Robbie Jennings locked together on 5 marks lost with, surprisingly, Stephen Murphy on his immaculate Majesty 250 next on 6 marks. A slack “five” really did scupper his plans for the win, such is the pressure in this grade!!

Once the cards were counted at the end of the event the top three remained the same with Stephen taking the win on 2 marks lost from Terrys 4, 1 lost on time, and Roger taking third on 5 marks lost.  Fourth home was Stephen Murphy on 6 marks lost, with him riding the second half of the trial with no penalties, that “five” really did cost him the win!!



In the Sportsmans grade we saw another close fight all day for the win between Allistair Galloway and Luke Harris, closely followed by Keith Lennox. At halfway Allistair had 1 mark to Luke’s 3 with Keith third on 5.  Again, once the scores for the final two laps were counted Allistair held off Luke for the win, posting a final score of 3 to the 4 of Luke, with Keith just holding off Mark McNeill and David Brown to take third on 10 marks lost.



Into the Youth grade and in Youth A, Adam Harris and Reece Gazzard fought each other for the win.  At the halfway mark Adam was two marks better than Reece on 10 with two laps of 5, Reece started better on 3 and had 9 on his second lap.  Adam held his nerve and took the win with a total score of  13.  Reece went off the boil, but still took second on 28 marks lost.  Third home was Luke Coughlan on 76 marks lost.



Youth B was a battle between Scott Callaghan and Jay Pyper.  Scott rode steadily all day to take the win on 9 marks lost to Jays uncharacteristic 26.



Youth C was between Stuart Lappin and Ross Allen on his Oset electric bike. Stuart taking the win on 23 to Ross’s 51, which is still a fantastic score as he was tackling the main course on a small electric bike.


The club thank all those who helped, the observers, the landowners and the riders for supporting the event.



Expert Elite

  1. Sean Doyle 16
  2. Stuart McClurg 19
  3. Chris Brown 29


  1. Jake Hanlon 18
  2. Andrew McCrory 21
  3. Neal Perry 25

Semi Expert

  1. Mark Harris 5
  2. Jonny Hagan 14
  3. Stanley Callaghan 28


  1. Stephen Pyper 2
  2. Terence McKee 4
  3. Roger Callaghan 5


  1. Allistair Galloway 3
  2. Luke Harris 4
  3. Keith Lennox 10

Youth A

  1. Adam Harris 13
  2. Reece Gazzard 28
  3. Luke Coughlan 76

Youth B

  1. Scott Callaghan 9
  2. Jay Pyper 26

Youth C

  1. Stuart Lappin 23
  2. Ross Allen 51
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Youth Only Trial

12th November, 12pm @ John White’s Farm.

The idea of the trial is to give more time and tuition to the younger and less experienced riders to bring their confidence on and to help their progression & hopefully encourage more young riders to come along.

The day will take the format of 4 laps of 5 or 6 sections hosted at John Whites Farm on Saturday 12th November commencing at 12pm. There will be a lunch break after 2 laps and following that there will be 2 further laps. We are catering for kids from 4 to 12 within their usual grades on the small course and newcomers up to 15 will also be catered for on this course. An information sheet explaining ages, machine sizes etc will be circulated on the day to help parents with further events.

We also hope to run the TRY TRIALS Oset on the day and there is also a possibility that we will expand this to TRY TRIALS+ by having access to a Beta 80 for the day for the older / taller riders to have a go at.

There will need to be a demand shown for both elements of the TRY TRIALS and to gauge the interest in this we would ask that anyone wishing to avail of this emails one of the team to book a spot. The email addresses are at the bottom of the release.





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Shieldsberg Winter Series Rnd 1 Results

Sunday 16th October 2016 saw Moto Trial NI host the 2016 edition of their Shieldsberg Rodeo Trial at Landscape Supplies yard in Newtownards. Forty one riders of all ages and riding all types of bikes from a 70 year old Matchless to modern bikes including electric Osets tested themselves against not only the sections set out by John White and his team but also the changeable weather!

The event started off in driving rain at 11 am and finished in bright sunshine just after 3pm, the riders having completed 4 laps of the demanding 10 sections that John had set out.

In the main Clubman class 9 riders set off.  The battle for the win was between 3 riders; the father and son combo of Stephen and Ross Pyper as well as Ian Boyd.  As has become the norm now in this grade scoring is very low and one minor slip can be the difference between first and sixth or seventh place! At the halfway stage Stephen just held the lead from Ross, one penalty from Stephen to Ross’s two.  Ian was next with a very good score of six, but a slack three late in lap one left Ian with too wide a gap to try and catch the flying Pypers!!

When the scores were toted up at the end of the second card Stephen and Ross posted identical faultless cards, giving Stephen the win on only one mark lost all day, with Ross on two marks lost.  Both riders did very well in the conditions and it was only the fact Stephen used all his experience from many years of competing to just pip Ross.  It wont be long until Ross turns the tables on his father!  Ian continued consistently to take third place on 9 marks in total.  Fourth home was Robbie Jennings who had a poor day finishing on twenty two marks lost.

Into the Sportsman 50/50 grade; few riders opted for this grade today, many believing that the weather had altered the sections making the too tough.  Allistair Galloway though showed that this did not worry him and he took the win on seventeen marks lost.

The biggest entry of the day was in the Sportsman grade with fifteen riders competing for the win.  Mark Leighton just held Johnny Russell off at the halfway stage by the odd mark, with Andy Jones, Scott McNeill and David Brown fighting it out for the final step on the podium.

At the end of the trial Mark held his nerve to take the win on seventeen marks lost, Scott took second on twenty four lost with Johnny just pipping Eddie Henderson to third both on twenty six marks lost, but Johnny having more cleans gave him the win.

In the Novice grade Ken Stewart was fast out of the blocks and had the rest of the riders chasing him all day.  Riding a Matchless machine that is over 70 years old didnt hold Ken back from taking the win! He finished on a fantastic score of eleven for the four laps, with Russell McKeag taking second spot on sixteen marks lost.  Third was Ian Anderson on thirty two lost with Laura Smyth fourth on forty seven lost.

In the Youth grades Campbell Bailie took the Youth A win, with Harry Smith taking the win from Dylan Smyth in the Youth B grade. Youth C on the big course was won by Pixe Smyth. On the small course newcomer Owen McKee was the winner in the Youth C small course.

Youth D was won by Sophie McMullan.

In the Youth E grade Rachel Houston ran out the winner with Ben Bell and Josh Shivers tied in second place. Ethan Gawley took fourth.

Results: shieldsberg-rodeo-2016



Stephen Pyper 1

Ross Pyper 2

Ian Boyd 9


Sportsman 50/50

Allistair Galloway 17



Mark Leighton 17

Scott McNeill 24

David Brown 25



Ken Stewart 11

Russell McKeag 16

Ian Anderson 32


Youth A

Campbell Bailie 36


Youth B

Harry Smith 26

Dylan Smyth 38


Youth C

Pixe Smyth 24


Youth C small course

Owen McKee


Youth D

Sophie McMullan


Youth E

Rachel Houston

Ben Bell

Josh Shivers

Ethan Gawley


The full results can be found on the Moto Trial NI website and Facebook page.


Moto Tril NI want to thank the riders for supporting the event, the landowners for use of the splendid facilities and special thanks to Bangor Sea Cadets for standing out in the terrible weather in the role of observers.  Details of the next event can also be found on the website and Facebook page.




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Shieldsberg Winter Series Round 1

Ok folks!!

We are ready!

The guys were out in the torrential rain this morning and afternoon marking the sections out for tomorrows trial.

The Shieldsberg Rodeo at Landscape Supplies yard directly across the road from the Trial Park.

The full address is 274 Bangor Road Newtownards Newtownards, Co Down BT23 7PH for those of you that have not been there before.

Remember too that as the trial is on tomorrow, the park is not open.

The trial as usual caters for all grades in adult and youth classes on a main course and a small course for the D and  E riders.

We will also have the try trials bike there for anyone who wants to bring a child along to see if they would like to take up the sport.

Unfortunately due to the tightness of the venue we will not have the practice option that we usually have at other events.

As the venue is so tight in the main yard I would ask that all riders park carefully and considerately and please also remember that we are using the yard with the kind permission of Mr Shields, so be mindful of where you park and do not ride over any of the stockpiles of stones and soil.

The event starts at around 11am, once all safety checks have been completed and the observers are at the sections.  We are delighted that the local Sea Cadets are coming and giving their time up to observe, but we will also be offering riders that bring an observer a free entry too.

While it was a terrible day weather wise, it is supposed to be better tomorrow, but as we’ve said before rain doesn’t worry us!!!

The club also has a ‘open to club members night this coming Monday evening at the Londonderry Park rooms in Ards, stat time 7.30pm for anyone who wants to come along and hear whats going on of voice an opinion.

See you all in the morning!!!

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Event Updates

We can now confirm the dates of our next trials the “Shieldsberg Rodeo”, and the John White end of year trial.

The Shieldsberg event will take place on Sunday 16th October 2016 at Landscape Supplies yard which is situated directly across from Whitespots Trial Park. 274 Bangor Road Newtownards BT23 7PH for those who haven’t been before. The event will be well signposted to help find your way.

We had thought of running the event on the Saturday, but this was not possible as the venue is open for business on the Saturday, so Sunday it is!

As usual the event will feature 4 laps of sections set out across the Shields yard and the old railway line behind it.  The event has proved successful each year and the rider feedback has always been that it is a great days fun!
As well as natural sections there will be a little sprinkling of man made magic thrown in for good measure!!
There will be a separate course set out for the small wheel and electric bikes as usual for C,D & E grades and our youth coordinators will be on hand to help any regular riders attending and new competitors.
First time riders should find this one of the most accessible trials as the sections are all off flat ground or accessed from the laneways used for in between going.
Following on from the last two events the 50/50 grades will continue and I believe from the feedback that this is proving enjoyable for those pitting their skills up a step!

Cutting out for this event will be decided shortly, but if any riders are keen to assist, please contact club members and let us know. The more help we get, the easier it is, also it gives you input into the style and severity of your grade making the event more enjoyable!

Then onto the trial at John Whites Farm. The address is 134 Movilla Road Newtownards BT23 8RJ, just across the road from Hagan Concrete yard.  This event will be on Saturday 31st December 2016.

Again this is a regular feature on the calendar and has proved very popular in the past! In fact it was where we had our largest entry of over 150 riders 2 years ago!  We got caught out with that with severe queuing and we have learned some very valuable lessons from it and as a result we have introduced changes to combat the queuing that resulted!
John has pushed out the land used and extended the lap greatly, again the format will be 4 laps of sections set out in the fields around Johns Farm.

Again all grades will be catered for and there will be the 50/50 routes as well.

Youth small wheeled course will again be marked out for C,D & E grades with our youth coordinators on hand to help any regular riders attending and new competitors.

No date yet for cutting out, but as usual anyone wanting to lend a hand should let a club member know and we will let you know when we’re sorting it out.

Finally, we will hope to.have the local Sea Cadets performing observers duties at both trials, but any rider supplying an observer will as in the past be entitled to a free entry at either event.

If there are any queries or ideas for these trials please contact a club member with your views.

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Master of the Mines Round 3


Sunday 21st August saw round 3 of the popular Master of the Mines series

hosted by the Moto Trial NI club at Whitespots Trial Park in Newtownards.

The clubs trials co-ordinator, John White, assisted by club members, had

spent the previous weeks and the day before the event getting the

sections ready. Indeed so committed to this task, they even braved

Saturdays torrential rain to set the course out.

The trial started at 11:15 am in bright sunshine as our youngest club

member Josh Shivers led a group of over 40 riders away for a days enjoyment.

John had expanded his 50/50 route idea for this event and had moved the

level of severity up a notch for the main group, the Clubmen.  As usual

the trial took the format of 4 laps of 8 sections that each rider had to


In the Clubman grade it was a close battle all day.  Barry Smyth, giving

minding duties for his family a miss today, started off with a slack dab

in the first section, but kept his nerve and posted a 2 lap score of

just that 1 point, having ridden the rest of the 2 laps faultless. Tied

with Barry at this stage was Sasha Turkington, she though went about

things totally opposite to Barry, she rode the 2 laps faultless until

she had a slack dab on the very last section of lap 2, to finish on 1

mark lost.

Three riders battled it out for the 3rd place at the halfway stage with

Davy McKnight and Aaron Moore tied on 7 marks lost, hotly chased by

Robbie Jennings on 8 marks.

The battle for the win was on and it was a nerve biting wait for Barry

and Sasha to come back to the sign on to see who had won out.  Again it

was close, but Barry used all his years of riding to keep his nerve and

post a faultless 2nd card to take the win on that solitary 1 mark lost.

Sasha dropped 2 marks on her last lap which gave her a clear 2nd place,

and I have no doubt that if she had more “bike time”, she has hardly

been on her bike over this last couple of years, she would have given

Barry a tighter run for it, maybe next time!!! Davy kept hold of 3rd at

the finish from Robbie who pipped Aaron by 1 mark.

in the Sportsman 50/50 grade 6 riders from the Sportsmans grade decided

to test their skills in the slightly harder 50/50 grade.  At the halfway

stage of 2 laps completed David Brown took the lead, just holding off

Allistair Galloway by 1 mark, with Jack McNeill 3rd a futher point

behind. The riders then fought out the final 2 laps and at the end of

the trial Allistair took the win on 19 marks lost, David was 2nd on 23

marks lost with Jack taking the last step of the podium on 34 marks

lost.  Not a bad result for Jack who is new to the sport and was

competing in his first trial having joined the club only a few months ago.

In the Sportsman grade 2 riders started well, Robin McClure and Scott

Blackwood and they fought it out for the win all day long.  At the

halfway stage Robin held Scott off with 3 marks lost to Scotts 4, next

was Alan Young on 7 marks lost and he was hotly chased by a host of

riders including Mark Leighton.  As the final 2 laps progressed it was

an ongoing swapping of the top 3 places and at the end of the trial

Scott had secured the win on a fantastic total of 4 marks lost having

posted a faultless second card!!  While he actually tied on 4 with

Robin, count back had to be used to separate them and it was that close

that the only way they could be separated was by way of furthest clean,

Robin having lost his fourth mark on the third lap with Scott going

clean!  Given that Scott was competing on his 30 odd year old twinshock

Fantic this is an even more enjoyable win for Scott and he was delighted

at the end when the scores were announced. Alan held on to take 3rd on 8

marks lost having only dropped 1 mark over the final 2 laps.

In the Novice grade, which is designed for absolute beginners to trials,

3 riders took on the course.  Ken Stewart tackled the sections on his

1950s Matchless 350, which he keeps in amazing condition given its age.

And he certainly knows how to ride it too, as he was a clear winner in

this grade.  He only dropped 3 single dabs over the 32 sections to take

the win from Patrick Turner on 14 and Laura Smyth taking 3rd on 32 marks

lost.  Laura rode with a smile all day, and it is fantastic as a club to

see her, Barry and their children Dylan and Pixe all out enjoying the

trial as a family, which is something we believe trials is all about.

On into the youth grades.  No Youth A riders at this event so the Youth

B was the premier grade for younger riders and Dylan Smyth was the

winner in this grade.  His younger sister was not to be out done by

Dylan and in the Youth C grade Pixe Smyth matched Dylan by taking the

win!  That was 3 of the Smyth family taking the wins at the event!  In

the Youth D grade Sophie Coulter was the winner.

There were four riders

in the Youth E grade all riding their Oset electric bikes and after the

4 laps the winner by a clear margin was young Josh Shivers! Sophie

McMullan was 2nd by 1 mark from Ben Bell with Rachel Houston taking 4th.

The club would like to thank everyoe who made the event possible, from

the local landowners to the observers who gave up their day to allow the

riders to have a days fun, but most importantly to the riders for coming

and supporting the club by competing.

The date of the clubs next trial will be announced shortly on our

website and Facebook page.




Barry Smyth 1

Sasha Turkington 3

Robbie Jennings 9


Sportsman 50/50

Allistair Galloway 19

David Brown 23

Jack McNeill 34



Scott Blackwood 4

Robin McClure 4

Alan Young 8



Ken Stewart 3

Patrick Turner 14

Laura Smyth 32


Youth B

Dylan Smyth


Youth C

Pixe Smyth


Youth D

Sophie Coulter


Youth E

Josh Shivers

Sophie McMullan

Ben Bell

Rachel Houston

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Round 3 Master of the Mines

Sunday 21st August sees the third round of the popular Master of the Mines series at the Whitespots Trial Park

Following on from round two and the new ideas tried there, we again hope to have the assistance of Bangor Sea Cadets for observing duty. On the whole we believe it was a very successful experience, I have heard of one or two very minor issues but does any trial finish where there was total agreement between all riders and observers?  This was their first trial, so as they gain more experience it will be better for all. Remember these guys and girls gave up their Sunday to ensure that you were able to have a day out on your bike!

Again following on from round two, Johns 50/50 idea seemed to go down well so that will be expanded for round three.

Our Trial Co-ordinator John intends to set out 10 sections to test your abilities at the trial and the 50/50 routes will be clearly marked out.  John is keen to keep things fresh so expect new sections and some “interesting” lines to make you think!

All adult and youth grades will be catered for, and there will be a separate course for the small wheel bikes.

For those of you who might be thinking of coming down to your first trial but are apprehensive about the level of sections, we set out our trials to cater for absolute beginners, so if you can ride a bike at all, you won’t have any problems getting round, as for the guys in the top grades, we will have to see how we start to separate you all out!!

Remember bring your bikes, tell your mates, even bring the family down, they can walk round and cheer you on as you test yourself on the sections!

Here is the Google Map link to the Trial 

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