Thank you for your patience in the delay in getting park bibs and membership cards back out to you all.

We had big problems getting the card machine working and got let down with bib sizes but we are up and running now!

If anyone is attending the club meeting on Monday the 15th in Ards or is going to the park this Sunday the 14th please get in touch via our page on facebook or email or txt the club phone.

Also if you have not yet sent in your photo then please do so via any of the above methods asap.


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Club Meeting open to all members taking place on Monday 15th August @ 7.30pm in the Pavilion at Londonderry park, Newtownards.
Come along and have your say, put forward ideas, get more involved or just for the craic.

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Whitespots Trial Park New Memberships

The club would like to make any new members wishing to join the Trial Park aware that membership forms will now NOT be taken on any park days or evenings. All forms must be completed in full & sent in by post along with photo’s.

A day rate will have to be charged until we have the above information.

Anyone who has sent in their forms and not bib size and or photo please email this asap to

We had a big delay on getting the card machine working but have started to send out membership cards to people. We are along enlarging some of the bibs and will get these sent out asap.

Moto Trial NI


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Master of the Mines Rd2 Results

The cards are in and the scores have been counted!

We had almost 60 riders of all grades competing yesterday and we also had a few up practising as well

The results are below, Neal Perry just pipped Stephen McKee and Aaron

Moore.  Stephen almost gave the brand new TRS a maiden victory in

Ireland, but a fantastic ride all the same for someone who hasn’t been

out on a bike in almost a year and only had a few hours on Wednesday to

get dialled in!

The grades were all contested quite tightly, no one romped home with a

massive win over the others in their grades and no one rode clean all

day which means we got things just about right i think!

If there are any issues with your scores, message one of the team, these

are just the provisional scores.

The 50/50 grades are in each main grade and you will be able to see

where you finished.

You wil also see that the results tally up to 40 sections, this was to

allow the score system to calculate the results properly. every one of

you will have 8 extra “cleans”

A more in depth report will be put out either later tonight or in the

following day or two,

Thanks to all the riders for supporting the event and all the observers

for giving up their day to help out!

Master of the Mines round 2 provisional results July 24th 2016



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Master of the Mines Rd 2

Sundays trial is nearly upon us folks, so time for one last update

John, our trials coordinator, ably assisted by members of the committee, have been busy over the past few Sunday and Wednesdays cutting out the sections for Sundays event.

As normal we will cater for all grades both adult and youth. The youth riders depending on grade will ride various routes including A&B grades on the full adult course, C grade on a combination of adult course and youth course and the D&E grades on their own special course.

We are also expanding our 50/50 routes.  Briefly that means riders can elect to ride up a grade in some sections, these sections will be clearly marked.  On sign on you will decide if you want to ride the normal route for your grade or go 50/50, you’ll get a special 50/50 plate to show the observers that you’re keen to try the harder sections where allowed. This gives you the scope to try the harder grade without ending up frustrated if you can’t tackle some of the sections!

We will also be trying out a new idea for observers. We have been working with a local sea cadets club who have kindly shown a wish to help out. These guys were up on Wednesday night learning how to observe a section and mark your punch cards, and it’s fair to say we as a club are looking forward to this, as it sometimes is quite frantic trying to get enough observers! Some riders have in the past kindly gave up their day to ensure the event has enough observers, and we all feel that this is unfair to riders who want to ride, but are keen to make sure the trial happens!!!
Don’t fret though!!  We are still keeping the rule that if you turn up with an observer you qualify for a free entry!

The trial will start at 11am with the Clubman grade heading off first, followed by Sportsman & Novice/Beginner.

As we cater for all abilities on all types of trials bike this really should be the event to dig out all your old vintage, twinshock, mono and modern bikes for.

Bringing things bang up to date Stephen McKee (TRS Agent) will also have the ONLY TRS in the country at the event, he had it up on Wednesday evening and I have to say seeing it up close and getting a good look around it, I’m pretty impressed, they’re also quite competitive price wise!

Also, a reminder that our next event after Sunday is penciled in for 21st August so if you cannot make Sunday, put this date in your diary! This date will be confirmed as soon as possible.

On a final note folks, please please please do NOT appear at the event with your smartphones expecting to go looking for Pokemon! We are a TRIALS CLUB!!!!!!

We rounded all the wee nuisances up on Wednesday night and currently have them under lock and key in a safe location!!  Bribes can be paid to release them if you wish!!!

So roll on Sunday and we’re really looking forward to see how things go, see you there!!!

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Drone Footage from the Park!

Fantastic day today at the trials park!

John was the man in charge today and he was certainly kept busy. The great weather certainly helped!

We had a total of 22 riders who turned up and spent the day having some fun!

We also had three new members sign up today, steadily building up the membership well over the 100 mark now!

Also, following on from our recent meeting with some riders we had a team up getting the sections ready for our next trial on 24th July.  It is absolutely brilliant that the riders are volunteering to help with course set out and running the park, the park is for the members and it’s great to see involvement on all aspects, many hands as they say!!

We also had Trevor up with his drone taking some wonderful footage of the park in general, and also some of the guys practicing, more footage will be posted up soon!

Following our recent chat with some riders Robert has now opened a new Facebook group “Whitespots Trial Park”.  This is not only being used by the club, but is open to all. You can post all your pictures and videos from the trial park and use it as a page to banter in too! All I would say is keep it clean, we’re a family club!

The park will be open again on Wednesday evening from 5:30pm so we hope to see you there!!

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Master of the Mines Round 2

A date has been set for round two of the Master of the Mines series, and it is Sunday 24th July.

Venue: Whitespots Trial Park – click on the Google Map here for directions.

As usual we will be setting out a course suitable for all grades, but having spoken to a few riders who approached John we have decided to expand on a theme. We have for quite a while known that some riders are keen to move up the grades as they progress and to accommodate that we allowed riders to ride the odd section they felt capable of trying in the higher grade without instantly “fiving” that section.
At the next round we will have more sections suitable for this and these will be easily recognized as there will be marker boards at the start saying “50/50”, that means those that want to try to move up can ride that section if they wish, the observers will know too that this is allowed.

For those of you that fancy having a go at a Trial, get yourself along! We mark a very straightforward ‘beginner’ grade that is set-out to accommodate your level of experience and is aimed at getting you rolling and not putting you off.

We also intend to mark out a small wheel course for our C,D & E youth grades at this event too

As always there is a lot of time and effort goes into setting this up, and it is great news that a few riders have approached us and are now on board to help with the running of the events, but remember folks, anyone that wants to help set out the course only needs to put their hand up and let us know, your help will as ever be greatly appreciated!

The team are all stations go for this event and even more new sections will be used along with the 50/50 sections!

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for more information about the days we intend to prepare the course, but Saturday 23rd will be “marking out” day, come along and help out if you can.

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On Wednesday the 13th of July 2016 Whitespots Trial Park will be Closed for Trial practice.

All other Wednesday & Sunday practice times in July will run as usual.

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Moto Trial NI Limited

Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Moto Trial NI Limited will be held on Monday 20th June 2016 at 7.30pm. in the Pavilion, Londonderry Park, Newtownards to transact the following business:

  1. To receive the Chairman’s Report
  2. To receive the accounts for 2015
  3. Election of officers
  4. Other general business.


Russell Houston

Secretary, Moto Trial NI Limited.

Dated this day 27th May 2016

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