Master of the Mines

The membership of the park users has been steadily growing since the opening Sunday and Sunday saw the first club trial since opening.

Forty five riders from all grades turned up and competed in great weather on the course of eight sections, set out over four laps.

In the Clubman group there was a tight battle that saw the top eight riders separated by only 7 marks.

Robbie Jennings ran out winner by one point less than Davy McKnight and Phillip McClurg, finishing on only 2 marks lost to their 3.  They were closely followed by Stephen Pyper on 4 with Terry McKee just edging out Neal Perry by going “furthest clean”, both on 5 marks. Sasha Turkington was next home  on 7 marks lost.

White Spots Trial Park Master of the Mines (1)
The Sportsman grade saw the largest amount of competitors with twenty three riders tackling the sections.
Again as with the Clubman this was a low scoring tight fought affair.
Colin Stewart had an almost faultless ride only dropping 1 mark to take the win from Gareth Jones on 2, Mark McNeill on 3, and David Brown on 4. Alistair Galloway and Scott Blackwood tied on 6 marks lost with Alistair edging out Scott on “furthest clean”.  Next home was the furthest travelled competitor, with Moto Trials very own “Man for the South” Shane Gallagher travelling all the way from outside Drogheda to ride in the trial!!!

White Spots Trial Park Master of the Mines (2)

The Novice grade which is designed for new riders was won by Patrick Turner.

Into the Youth grades and Ross Pyper was the winner in Youth A, Stuart Tweedie made a rare appearance to take the Youth B win.

Alongside the trial the park was also open for practice and there were a few riders up for a leisurely days practice including father and son Robert and Alex Andrews.

White Spots Trial Park Master of the Mines (3)

The next round of the series will be announced shortly, but remember the park is open every Sunday from 10am and on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm, so come along and join us.



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Okay folks!

Not long to wait now!

The team, assisted by a few riders (cheers Marty and Robert, greatly appreciated!), spent this afternoon in frankly changeable conditions setting out the sections for tomorrows trial.  As we set off the sun would have baked you, but as we were setting out the final section we had the most beautiful thunder and lightning, lots of rain and HAILSTONES!!! Only here in our wee country would you get it!!

Due to a common problem of a lack of observers over the last few trials which has led to delays in getting started and some riders missing out as they stepped in to observe,  we took the decision to run with 8 sections tomorrow.  We have cut out quite a few new ones, and rediscovered some good old ones too which we hope you will enjoy!

The trial starts at 11 am and full details of the lap will explained to the riders at the start.

Unfortunately time was against us and we have not set out a small wheel course. I know that there was a trial today that most of the youth will have been at, but the markers will be available and if you feel you want to get your child a run out we can let you use the markers to set out a course.

Entries are £20 for adult park members, with £5 added if you’re not a park member.  Youth and veteran is £10 for members and again £5 for non park members.

The sections as usual are quite rideable on all types of machinery, modern or classic, there won’t be anything that cannot be tackled.  Our Novice great has been set at a level we feel should suit those who have not tried trials before, so don’t think that you will not be able to get round. Remember our aim is to make trials accessible to as many as possible, so dust down your machines and come along for a good days craic, if you could bring some sun with you, that would be good too!!



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Master of the Mines 22nd May 2016

Master of the Mines Series

Due to the running of the trials park we have had to have a look at the number of trials that we run over the year, there is only so much our small number of team members can do, and running the park every Sunday and now on Wednesday evenings too is a massive commitment!!!

We are also aware that the trials were very well attended and that many folk enjoyed the type of events we run. Not wanting to change too much we have came up with a solution we hope you will enjoy.

Right from the start of our quest to get back onto the Leadmines it was always our hope that when we got back up onto it that we could run some sort of series to showcase the area and the history.

What we have decided to do is run a series of three trials over the summer season called “The Master of the Mines”.

The first trial is set for Sunday 22nd of May , starting at 11. The other two dates are yet to be confirmed, but all will follow the same format. Four laps of ten sections set out across the Leadmines bringing back into play some old school sections from years gone by and hopefully some totally new ones too!! Robert, John, Andy and others have been up the last few Sundays reminiscing and cutting away to get access to these sections.

At the end of the series the winner will be crowned “Master of the Mines”.

As usual the course will suit all grades of rider on all types of machinery! Get your old bikes dusted down and get them out!! It would be fantastic to see some real old classic machines back out on the Leadmines, old 50s rigids, 60s Villiers powered machines, 70s Bultos, Monts and other Spanish bikes, and on into the 80s and beyond! Bikes that many riders took up the hill over the past 70 odd years!!

Also, don’t be shy! If you want to join in and help come on up! There more input we get the better!!

See you all on 22nd of May!!

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Whitespots Trial Park News

A few bits of news in relation to the Trials Park.

Firstly, on Sunday we met with the council enforcement officers who advised us that on Tuesday of this week they were up on the Leadmines when they encountered a rider. This rider was not a “signed up” Moto Trial NI rider and was there illegally. The officers have noted the riders name and explained to them that this type of action will not be permitted and that the only legal, official way to use the area is through club membership on the nominated days, or during organized trials. It seems this person knew that they should not have been there, and that there was an official way things should be done! Neither we as a club nor the council have any real desire for prosecution and all that may entail, but continued illegal use will be tackled. The council have invested massive amounts of time and indeed money to this venture and they WILL take action where necessary!

While there yesterday the officials located a rider at the gate from Falcon. They explained to him that he was not permitted to access the park from there and how to do so legally. This rider then came round to the car park, chatted with us and took away membership packs for himself and a friend.

There was also a guy on a Husaberg who had the cheek to freewheel down to the gate!!!! He took off when challenged and was last seen racing into Clandeboye estate. This guy was also running about on the Vertigo test day. The council enforcement team have been advised and will no doubt try to speak to this guy.

Moto Trial members then also spoke to three guys on enduro bikes on the top of the hill, they stated they were unaware that they shouldn’t be there and hopefully they will abide by the rules, time will tell! All of this information will be passed to the council and hopefully they will act where possible.

Remember folks, these guys, with their actions, are thumbing their noses at all of us who want to see the park grow! What we are doing is the proper way to do things, you only need to check the press and social media to see that councils across the country are tackling illegal riding, and yet we have a council who not only see our view, but have gone out of the way to ensure that we can enjoy our sport!!

On a positive note (it’s not all doom and gloom!!!), we had quite a bit of interest from potential new members yesterday, a family from the Annahilt area were quite keen (if anyone has a bike for sale in around £1000, we may be able to point them your way!!) and we had two new members.

It was fantastic to see multiple Ulster Champion Harold McQuaid and his father Harry sign up yesterday!! I’m sure some of the other riders will have looked on open mouthed at some of the stuff Harold can throw his Gasser up!!! It also means a lot to us as a club that they see what we’re trying to do is for the good of the sport and have joined in!!!

There were 14 riders in total on Sunday & very nearly 90 members of the park! .

Remember too, that the park is open on Wednesday nights from 11th May, half 5 to half 9!

Finally on behalf of all the team at Moto Trial NI can I wish our members Andy and Russell all the best for the SSDT which takes place from next Sunday, and also to club member Martin Drennan who is flying the flag in the 2 day pre 65!! Good luck guys!

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Devastating news of Martin Lampkins death

It is with sadness that I have to advise the members of the club of the passing of Martin Lampkin yesterday.

Martin Lampkin

No one who has any knowledge of trials at all will not have heard of Martin!

He was a TRUE giant of our sport. No doubt thousands will, like me, have grown up watching him ride various machines at hundreds of venues throughout the years, but I will always remember him lashing his Bultaco around Clandeboye and the Leadmines watching in awe as a kid as he did things we thought impossible!

Having been a successful rider throughout the 60/70s he was the first Trials World Champion in 1975!

From a family steeped in motorcycle sport and trials in particular, he continued this legacy with his son Dougie, who went on to win the World Championship numerous times himself.

On behalf of all at Moto Trial NI I would like to express our sincere sympathies and condolences to Dougie and his family at this sad time!

RIP Mart

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Easter with Moto Trial NI

Ok folks, it’s been a busy day for us here at Moto Trial NI today, and we will be flat out tomorrow too!

Today Robert took the reins up at Whitespots Trial Park, while the rest of us got the arena ready down at Bangor Marina for tomorrows Pirates bonanza in conjunction with Ards and North Down Borough Council!

The Whitehead massive

There were 23 riders at the Park today, which is fantastic!  As well as that we have 7 new members signed up to the club who intend to use the Mines to get out on their trials bikes. Between the heavy showers, it was actually quite a pleasant day to be out on the bike! Anyway!  Us trials folk don’t let a wee drop of water put us off!!

Ok folks, it’s been a busy day for us here at Moto Trial NI today, and we will be flat out tomorrow too!

Today Robert took the reins up at the Leadmines, while the rest of us got the arena ready down at Bangor Marina for tomorrows Pirates bonanza in conjunction with Ards and North Down Borough Council!

There were 23 riders at the Leadmines today, which is fantastic!  As well as that we have 7 new members signed up to the club who intend to use the Mines to get out on their trials bikes. Between the heavy showers, it was actually quite a pleasant day to be out on the bike! Anyway!  Us trials folk don’t let a wee drop of water put us off!!




Down beside the McKee Clock Andy and the others beavered away from early on to get the sections in place for tomorrow.

Andy has pushed the boat out this year with his section design and anyone who comes along to watch is certain to be amazed by the sections and how well the riders tackle them.


You will see from the pictures that the course will be spectacular!!

Remember folks. The first rider will be starting at 12 midday and the action will go on right through to around 5pm, so while there will be time to see the guys in action I can tell you from last years crowds it will be better to get yourself along early!

And of course as well as the arena trial there will be stalls and other events throughout the seafront area to cater for all ages!

See you all tomorrow me hearties!!!

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Easter Monday Arena Trial!

Moto Trial NI are pleased to announce that we are again hosting the very popular Pirates themed arena trial beside the McKee Clock at Bangor Marina.  This will be our third year in succession putting on the event in conjunction with Ards and North Down Borough Council, which is part of the overall family festivities put on for the thousands of people who flock to Bangor,  and we are delighted to continue the venture!

Some of Irelands best trials riders including our own Andy Perry and Stuart McClurg, as well as Jonny Lunney, Gareth Andrews, Sean Doyle, and Robert Andrews will be entertaining the crowds as they battle over the series of man made and natural sections to see who wins the ultimate prize of the chest of buried treasure!

Arena Trial Easter Monday 2016

This year promises to be even more of a spectacular as course designer Andy has done some excellent work behind the scenes on the hazard construction.

For those of you who do not know what trials is about, the guys will be basically throwing their bikes and themselves up what look like impossible hazards, trying not to put their feet down or fall off! Check out last years videos on our website or youtube channel for an idea of what to expect.

The festival runs from 12 midday until 6pm and as well as the trial there are dozens of other events to cater for all ages as well as a big parade around the town as the climax.

Knowing how many thousands turned up last year, and seeing how busy the town was I would suggest that you try to get in early!

See you all there, arrrrrrrrghhhhh me hearties!!!

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Whitespots Trial Park – Veteran’s Concessions – Lost & Found + More

Today saw the third day of the trial park being open for use.  Again we were blessed with the weather, a beautiful sunny day for those who called in for a days practice.
We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of membership forms coming in and what we have all noticed is that well over half of the membership is made up of riders who have never ridden trials competitively before!
This for us is fantastic to see, as that was always one of our hopes, that this venture would bring new riders into the sport and lead on to a resurgence of interest in trials!

Youths Whitespots Trial Park

What is also great to see is the young riders on electric bikes, today we had Ben and Josh up having fun with their folks, it’s great to see the smiles on their faces!

A surprising turn up too today!  One of our team many years ago had a TY 350 Mono, a quite rare bike, only one ever came here. It disappeared for over 20 years, but today it came out of hiding when Dylan took to the trials park, and it brought back all the memories of nearly 30 years ago when it gave such fun, and it was great to see Dylan having fun on it too, 30 years later!!!

We have also decided to add a concessionary rate to membership and park entrance for our older riders, and therefore if you are over 65 membership will be £15 a year and park entrance will be down to £5 a day, and for the over 70s membership will be FREE with the daily rate reduced to £5 as well.
Also folks, when you are sending in your applications it would help if you could also send a passport size picture.

We have also updated the Whitespots Trials Park Membership Pack March 2016

So remember the park is open every Sunday, get down and get a run out for a good days fun!!

350cc Yamaha

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Whitespots Trial Park Vid’s & Pic’s
 Murph and Graham
Today saw the second day of Whitespots Trial Park. It was a beautiful day weather wise, the sun shone all day. We had a good turn out again, especially considering there was an Ulster Championship trial the previous day! We had a family travel all the way from Portadown to enjoy the park. We also had three lads drop in and have a chat and also try to buy a bike. They’re really looking forward to getting out, they collected the forms for registering and if any of you have any trials bikes around £1000, these guys will be keen! We also had a “Moto Trial Majesty Day”. Stephen Murphy and his friend Graham Christian turned up on a couple of Stephens beautiful machines, for another run out, obviously having not had enough craic yesterday!! Graham travelled over from the Isle of Man for the weekend and he certainly seemed to enjoy both days! All this is very heartening for us as a club, as it shows there is a great amount of people who believe that what we are trying to achieve is worthwhile, both in providing a practice area AND for bringing new riders into the sport! We are heading quickly towards 70 members already signed up as members and there would be at least a dozen of those are folk new to trials, which has to be great for the sport going forward.
So remember, get down on any Sunday, sign up and join in the craic!!

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Whitespots Trial Park Day 1

Today saw the reopening of the Leadmines at Whitespots, the unofficial home of trials in Northern Ireland.

In 2013 the area was closed so ending almost 80 years of trials bike use.

As a group, we formed Moto Trial NI to challenge the council decision, and it quickly became quite apparent that the council were actually keen to see the area reopened, but in a more structured and focused way. A way that took the illegal, anti social element away making it safer for all.

The council went forward and obtained planning approval for the country’s ONLY official trials park, one of only a handful in the UK to our knowledge.

What has now been established is a designated area where trials riders of all shapes, sizes and ages can come and have a days practice safe in the knowledge that they are authorized and insured to ride their bikes in a perfect setting.

And so this morning at 10 am this new venture opened and indeed we had a good turn out, even though it was Mothers Day! Riders from 4 years right up to their 50s came along and had a good days craic! There were new bikes, old twinshocks and a young lad on his electric bike.

The Club would like to thank the Council for working with us to get to this stage, there were enforcement officers on site, but thankfully there were no issues today, hopefully this will continue.
We would also especially like to thank the riders who have stuck by us and who turned up today, not only to ride, but to have a look and offer support for what we are trying to achieve!

Hopefully the numbers will grow now that it has been shown to be achievable, and our sport gets the support and resurgence it deserves

Come along any Sunday and join in!

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