Notice to all Whitespots Trial Park Members

Notice to all Whitespots Trial Park Members

As I am sure you are all aware, we have been requesting for months now for help to assist with the running of the trial park and more importantly the assistance of manning the gate.

With a very poor response to these requests (many thanks to those who have answered the requests) we have been faced with a challenge which we now have a solution for.

The park has now been running for nearly two years with around 110 members, park open days/hours every Sunday from 10-4 and Wednesday evening over the summer (May, June, July and August) from 6-9

This has been a massive undertaking by the club (which is on a totally voluntary basis) to try and give everyone a safe and legal practice area where we can all enjoy our sport for all ages and all abilities!

Since the opening of the park the club has been working hard to get the support of as many as possible to man the gate with the incentive of a free day up the hill as reward for helping out

As time rolls on and the park has now became a fairly self-running system and we are now looking to make it a little easier and fairer on those who have been helping by revising how the park will be manned and controlled

Our new running program will now change to set sign on times so the person signing people in does not have to sit all day at the car park waiting to see who will or will not turn up
Instead we will now run two sign in times on a Sunday 10am-11am and 1pm-2pm
and a Wednesday 6pm-7pm (May-Aug)

(PLEASE NOTE: You will no longer be able to come up at any time and must come at the above sign on times only)

This new system will now require two people on a Sunday, however, you will only be expected to do one hour signing on with the person signing from 10-11 taking on the role of opening the gate and changing the lock and the person taking on the 1-2 signing also taking on the role of locking up and making sure everyone is out of the park

It will down to the two officials to hand over the sign on kit as they change across

This will allow those persons signing on to get a chance to head up the hill (The person will be entitled to a free day as always) to have a little fun or even head off and do whatever they wish without being tied to the gate all day.

As you now sign in you will be asked to leave your contact phone number and will be given a band with your sign in number on it, this band will be posted into a post box at the gate when you come back down the hill so we can check that all riders have safely left the park at the end of the day. (If we don’t see your band then we will phone your number to check you have safely left the park)
Between sign on times the gate will be closed with a combination lock, all riders up the hill will be given the code to the lock so they can get in and out as required
(Anyone abusing this system i.e. sharing the code with someone who has not signed on will be dealt with via the club disciplinary action system).

Our Membership Secretary, Rachel will send out the schedule at least a month in advance and if she has not received confirmation will text or call the persons responsible for the gate at the start of each month to confirm. A reminder text will also be sent prior to the day you are to do the gate so please make sure your contact details are correct.

With this new easier manned system we are also making it a mandatory system that “all” adult members will be asked to help with the manning of the gate as of the start of September.

From then all adult members will be placed into a rota system on a club Calendar and given set dates to man the gate ( basically the same system that is used by most fishing, cycling and motocross clubs to marshal their sport).

We will of course be sending all members a list of the Calendar dates and would ask that you all look up which days you are down for in the coming months. We of course understand that the date we allocate may not suit. If this is the case and the does not suit then we ask that you get in touch with Rachel asap to have the date changed with another. ( or 07453 977865)

We want this to be a fair system and you will be given the chance to rotate dates if required. However, we will require all members to be fair and take their turn. There will be a system in place to reallocate your name on the Calendar up to three times and if you fail to do the gate by the third time then you will not be allowed into the park until you have taken your turn! (This is of course not what we want and we just want the system to be fair to all).

We will be running out the new system from the start of September. If you have any specific Sunday’s or Wednesday’s which do not suit between now and 31 December – please contact Rachel asap on the details above.

We look forward to working with you.

Yours in sport
Moto Trial NI.