Post Shague Hill

Post Shague Hill

Yesterday saw the opening round of the Moto Trial NI winter series at Shague Hill, Dundrum

Thanks to Brian and Tony for use of the land, an amazing venue for trials, with some of the most spectacular views in the country!!

Thanks to the caterers for coming along and supplying some great hot food.

Thanks to the observers, Emily & Kateryna, Mervyn, John, Kenny & Blossom, Terry, Lois, Colin and Clive.
Also thanks to Barry and Laura, for not only setting out the junior course, but also, assisted by Johnny for looking after the juniors too!

Thanks too, as always, especially to you the riders for turning up, absolutely fantastic to see 30 youth riders, and with that the fact the C & D grades are showing increased rider turnout. As RC said, “build it and they will come!” how right you were, and it is great to see so many new faces at trials, after all, these are the ones to carry on the sport in years to come!!

Fantastic also to see the “try trials” bringing in interest, I had a quick look at one stage and the look of sheer enjoyment on their faces as Andy and their parents shouted encouragement made it all worthwhile!!

From rider feedback the severity seemed just about right and obviously the weather helped, as it’s a slippy old place when wet!!

Despite Russell having a busy evening hosting his “40th”??? birthday bash he managed to get preliminary results done for us, the full results with be released as soon as possible!

A. 4 way tie
Stephen Pyper
Gareth Mackey
Ashley Turner
Michael Davidson
All clean.
Paul Harvey
Ricky Griffiths! !!
Both clean
Adrian Galloway 3
Robert Wilkin 4
Andrew Jones 4
Reece Gazzard 1
Ross Pyper 1
Jamie Chambers 12
Jordan Nixon 2
Robbie Dugan 10
Callum McAllister 14
Dylan Smyth 30
Jordan Nesbitt 42
Michael Dickson 55
Shannon Smyth 61
Harry Smith 20
Jonny King 38

Having a look it is AMAZING to see Ricky Griffiths tied clean with Paul Harvey! Ricky on a 60 year old Norton 500T and Paul on a Repsol 4RT!! This shows how much bikes have changed, but also how great the old Norton is too!

It just remains for me to say a thanks to rest of the team as these events don’t just happen, we all have spent time sorting out the course and all the “back office” stuff too, but personally, and I have no doubt on behalf of the team, I can say that seeing how many attend and how much you all enjoyed makes it all worthwhile!!!

Our next event is in December and if things go to plan we will be offering something new, updates will be put on the website or Facebook page as we have them!!

Warren McKee & The Team