Pre Master of the Mines Photos

Okay folks!

Not long to wait now!

The team, assisted by a few riders (cheers Marty and Robert, greatly appreciated!), spent this afternoon in frankly changeable conditions setting out the sections for tomorrows trial.  As we set off the sun would have baked you, but as we were setting out the final section we had the most beautiful thunder and lightning, lots of rain and HAILSTONES!!! Only here in our wee country would you get it!!

Due to a common problem of a lack of observers over the last few trials which has led to delays in getting started and some riders missing out as they stepped in to observe,  we took the decision to run with 8 sections tomorrow.  We have cut out quite a few new ones, and rediscovered some good old ones too which we hope you will enjoy!

The trial starts at 11 am and full details of the lap will explained to the riders at the start.

Unfortunately time was against us and we have not set out a small wheel course. I know that there was a trial today that most of the youth will have been at, but the markers will be available and if you feel you want to get your child a run out we can let you use the markers to set out a course.

Entries are £20 for adult park members, with £5 added if you’re not a park member.  Youth and veteran is £10 for members and again £5 for non park members.

The sections as usual are quite rideable on all types of machinery, modern or classic, there won’t be anything that cannot be tackled.  Our Novice great has been set at a level we feel should suit those who have not tried trials before, so don’t think that you will not be able to get round. Remember our aim is to make trials accessible to as many as possible, so dust down your machines and come along for a good days craic, if you could bring some sun with you, that would be good too!!