Pre Youth & Beginner Adult Section Photos

Pre Youth & Beginner Adult Section Photos

The Team were out yesterday getting the course ready for this Sundays event, here are a few photos to check out!

It’s going to be a tricky enough course for Youth A, nothing too much but testing, Youth B has some good sections for training on in the morning and trial in the afternoon. Youth C have there own purple section ‘gates’ now and some great sections for them.

The Beginner Adult course is ideal! You have a run round the lane pretty much all the way round the course with the last part down over a field and the sections are perfect for getting to grips with trials, nice a straight forward with nothing marked to put you off!

We at Moto Trial NI understand that regular Trials are to difficult to ride in for the beginner rider! Our trials are completely geared to encourage people into our sport and that’s why we have the Orange ‘Gated’ sections to get you started.

The Youth D & E course is 6 sections with White section ‘Gates’ and again will be ideal for the mini bikes! This ‘Youth Zone’ is a really fun place with plenty of places for kids to play around on their wee bikes if it’s their first time at a trial. They can then maybe try some ‘sections’ in the afternoon.

We look forward to see you all this Sunday the 4th of October!