Q & A with ABC

Q & A with ABC


To all interested and concerned parties!

As you will all be aware, we have been working hard with the Ards Borough Council to regain access to our beloved Lead mines!!

We have always been positive that ABC are very much on our side and are working with us to regain access to the mines but we have been aware that some interested parties have been sceptical of what is happening and how things are going!

We need everyone to remain positive and help us to keep moving forward so we have asked our council colleagues if they would help us put people’s minds at ease by holding a question and answer night for anyone who is concerned or have any questions they would like answered!

They have happily agreed to this and we will be having a meeting on 25th February, 2014, beginning at 7pm, Sketrick House on the Jubilee road, Newtownards.

If you have any interest in getting back into the lead mines please make the effort to come along, we would be grateful of your support if even just to show your face and hear what’s happening.

Yours in sport Moto Trial NI