Results for the Leadmines 12 April 2015 4th Round of the Winter Series

Results for the Leadmines 12 April 2015 4th Round of the Winter Series

Sunday 12th of April saw the 4th round of our series head to the home of trials at the Leadmines at Whitespots.

Despite the heavy overnight and early morning rain almost 80 hardy riders turned up for the event which covered all adult and junior grades.

The team had spent the previous day marking out the course and as we try to keep things as fresh as possible, we had marked out quite a few totally new ones giving a bigger lap.

The weather which was abysmal as we arrived turned out fantastic, just as the trial started the rain eased off, the sun came out and bar for a very light shower near the end the riders got a dry day, at least where rain was concerned as we had picked a few “watery” hazards for them to test their skills on!

Sunday also saw Chris from Signature Works at the trial with his samples of the products that they make for us, we did this to give the riders a chance to see the gear first hand as quite a few had been asking if we were going to offer any of this to the riders.

The full results are listed here and on behalf of the team I would like to thank everyone for making the event turn out a success, even with the poor weather overnight, thanks to Ards & Northdown Borough Council for use of the land, thanks to our caterers for bringing the hot food van, to Chris for his efforts with the clothing, to all the observers, thankfully it stayed dry!!  Finally thanks as always to the competitors, the fact so many still attended when it looked like it was going to be a rotten day shows two things: Firstly that trials riders aren’t afraid of a drop of rain, and secondly that  we have the levels just about right in each grade too.

Roll on our next event!!!!

Grade A 12 04 15

Grade B 12 04 15

Grade C 12 04 15

Youth A 12 04 15

Youth B C 12 04 15

Youth C E 12 04 15