Round 3 Master of the Mines

Round 3 Master of the Mines

Sunday 21st August sees the third round of the popular Master of the Mines series at the Whitespots Trial Park

Following on from round two and the new ideas tried there, we again hope to have the assistance of Bangor Sea Cadets for observing duty. On the whole we believe it was a very successful experience, I have heard of one or two very minor issues but does any trial finish where there was total agreement between all riders and observers?  This was their first trial, so as they gain more experience it will be better for all. Remember these guys and girls gave up their Sunday to ensure that you were able to have a day out on your bike!

Again following on from round two, Johns 50/50 idea seemed to go down well so that will be expanded for round three.

Our Trial Co-ordinator John intends to set out 10 sections to test your abilities at the trial and the 50/50 routes will be clearly marked out.  John is keen to keep things fresh so expect new sections and some “interesting” lines to make you think!

All adult and youth grades will be catered for, and there will be a separate course for the small wheel bikes.

For those of you who might be thinking of coming down to your first trial but are apprehensive about the level of sections, we set out our trials to cater for absolute beginners, so if you can ride a bike at all, you won’t have any problems getting round, as for the guys in the top grades, we will have to see how we start to separate you all out!!

Remember bring your bikes, tell your mates, even bring the family down, they can walk round and cheer you on as you test yourself on the sections!

Here is the Google Map link to the Trial