Shieldsberg Fun Trial Pre-Event Section Photos!

Shieldsberg Fun Trial Pre-Event Section Photos!

Ok folks!!

The team have been up today and finished off marking out the sections for tomorrows trial.

I just want to remind you of a few things to take on board.

Firstly when you enter the gates of the venue you will drive down the wide lane and enter the start area through the wooden gates beside the telephone mast. From there can we ask that all competitors park in the hard standing areas on the right hand side of the lane that drops down to the start area. There is ample space for a large amount of vehicles. There will be an area at the rear of these yards that will be taped off, this is part of the course route, so DO NOT park there or move the boundary please.

Secondly the youth C and D grades are running on the large course and will start at 10.30am sharp.

We will have ten sections on the big lap and five on the small lap.

The E class will start around 1pm using the smaller lap.

We have been kindly granted the use of the area by the landowner so I would ask that we keep things as we find them, please do not ride up or over the big gravel stockpiles! I know they look inviting, but don’t be riding on them!

Take any rubbish to the bins/bags provided.

Take heed of the Clerk of the Course instructions prior to the start of the trial. There are areas close to the sections that we cannot be in, they will be taped off for a reason, so do NOT go past the tape, please.

The course will be explained to the riders just before you start and I would ask you follow the instructions, the idea of this is to minimise two way traffic and keep everyone, especially the younger riders safe!! For anyone who rode last year the lap is going the opposite way to last year, anticlockwise for you technical geeks!!

There will be a hot food van at the event and each rider will get a ticket for their free food with their card when they sign on at the trailer.

There is also a toilet there for your comfort.

Immediately the event is over the end of season prize giving will be conducted.

Can I put out a final request for anyone that is observing to let us know? Remember an observer gets you a free entry!!

The “try trials” bike is being charge in readiness for anyone who wants a blast to see if your kids have any interest, just ask one of the team if you want to try it!

So see you all in the morning for a great days craic!!!