Ards Motorcycle Club press release

Folks we have been asked by Ards Motorcycle Club to share the below press release on their behalf to you so that you are aware they are running a trial next week that will be designed and directed towards our type of grades, with their intention being to offer this type of event to you so that there will be more events that are suitable for the grade of riders attending our events.

As a club Moto Trial NI wholly endorse this endeavour; the more clubs putting on these type of events means there are more events for you to ride at,  this brings a benefit to you that you have more choice and a benefit to trials as a sport due to new riders coming into it and progressing through the grades as they get better! There will be MTNI members helping with the set out of the trial and knowing the Ards Club guys well, the grades will be pitched perfectly severity wise.

So read on and come along next week and support the event!!


The Ards Motorcycle Club are running our Bedford Cup trial on Saturday 17th October at John Whites farm, Movilla Rd Newtownards.

As a club we constantly try to improve things and we have noticed that there is a growing number of riders keen to join or indeed rejoin trials at the lower levels; however some feedback would show that the actual cross country sometimes proves a bit severe for these riders and this in turn puts them off coming to Ulster or Irish Championship events.

As a committee & Clerk of the Course Philip McClurg we have decided to run our Bedford Cup trial as an “open” event with the sections being graded with some sections being marked for Semi Expert, with their ‘gates’ & Clubman, Sportsman and Beginner/Novice grades with their coloured ‘gates’. The adult entry fee will be £20 and youth £10.
For those who either have no trials experience or have been away from trials for a while this will be graded the same as Moto Trial NI events; catering for those who may feel that an Ulster or Irish championship event may be too tough for their ability.  There will be no Expert Elite or Expert grades at this event, however these riders are welcome to dig out any old twin shock or retro bikes to come along and get a run out!

The thoughts of the club are to set the course for the lower grades to give those riders the chance to compete in an event that gives them a taste of the severity of sections, but at the same time being reasonably easy for cross country going, so that they can gently work their way into the sport at a pace they can handle, rather than arriving at a championship event and struggling!

While the top adult grades will not be catered for ALL Youth grades will be catered for.  Youth A, B and C big wheel will be on the Adult course with Youth C following the Beginner line for most of the sections, except where they will follow their dedicated purple gates to show slight changes.  A separate small course will be set for Youth C small wheel, D, and E grades and will provide an ideal opportunity for any youngster from 4yrs old to come and have a go.

We hope this is an ideal opportunity for new riders to give trials a go, and also see it as a way for anyone with an older bike to bring them along and have a good safe days craic!





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