Trial Update

Trial Update


Our next event takes place at Whitespots Trial Park on Saturday 21st July, starting at 11am.

The course and sections will be suitable for all grades and indeed all types of bikes, including modern, classic, pre 65, twinshocks and electric.

The main course will cater for all adult grades of Clubman, Sportsman, and Novice/Beginner, with the emphasis being on total beginners being able to ride the course and sections without any concerns or fear. There is a growing group now of female riders and all grades will suit these riders too, whatever grade they wish to ride. The adult course will also be used for big wheeled youth riders on both petrol and electric bikes.

For this trial we also intend (if there is enough riders requesting it) to have an experienced rider accompany groups round the course to offer advice and handy tips to you. Line selection, gear selection and general advice being the order of the day!

There will as always be a small course for junior riders, separate to the main course.

We hope to have the assistance of the Sea Cadets for observers duties, but as always, any rider who brings an observer will get a free entry.

Anyone wishing to observe a section is more than welcome to come along and help out.

One point of note for all riders is that there is to be no riding about the car park prior to the event please

See you all next week!!

Moto Trial NI