Update on the Leadmines

We at Moto Trial NI felt that it was timely to update the current position with regards the issue of getting back onto the Leadmines

After much consultation, between ourselves and Ards Borough Council the position was reached that the Council were going forward with a planning application to formalize structured access for trials practice and competition at the Leadmines.

In early December we were asked by the Council if we could produce a paper chronicling the history of the Leadmines as an area for motorcycle use, but more specifically for trials.

This was to then be used to assist in the planning application as it would evidence what we all know, the long standing historical use from the 1920s, through to today.

Due to the Christmas period and in an effort to gather as much information as possible this took until this week to produce. The Council had asked for this early in the New Year, but we wanted our response to be detailed, so in effect WE slightly delayed the planning application.

Today 21/1/14 we have supplied a comprehensive document with detailed information about the use of the Leadmines to the Council, accompanied with further information from other sources.
The Council will now be taking the planning application forward and while this won’t be ratified overnight, there is a process that will be followed, as long as there are no hitches, we would hope that a positive outcome will then lead on towards our overall goal of returning motorcycle trials to its historic and rightful home at the Leadmines.

As soon as we have ANY information that needs relayed, we will let you all know, so thank you for your patience and support so far, and lets keep pushing forward together!!!

Moto Trial NI