Whitespots Trial Park Day 1

Whitespots Trial Park Day 1

Today saw the reopening of the Leadmines at Whitespots, the unofficial home of trials in Northern Ireland.

In 2013 the area was closed so ending almost 80 years of trials bike use.

As a group, we formed Moto Trial NI to challenge the council decision, and it quickly became quite apparent that the council were actually keen to see the area reopened, but in a more structured and focused way. A way that took the illegal, anti social element away making it safer for all.

The council went forward and obtained planning approval for the country’s ONLY official trials park, one of only a handful in the UK to our knowledge.

What has now been established is a designated area where trials riders of all shapes, sizes and ages can come and have a days practice safe in the knowledge that they are authorized and insured to ride their bikes in a perfect setting.

And so this morning at 10 am this new venture opened and indeed we had a good turn out, even though it was Mothers Day! Riders from 4 years right up to their 50s came along and had a good days craic! There were new bikes, old twinshocks and a young lad on his electric bike.

The Club would like to thank the Council for working with us to get to this stage, there were enforcement officers on site, but thankfully there were no issues today, hopefully this will continue.
We would also especially like to thank the riders who have stuck by us and who turned up today, not only to ride, but to have a look and offer support for what we are trying to achieve!

Hopefully the numbers will grow now that it has been shown to be achievable, and our sport gets the support and resurgence it deserves

Come along any Sunday and join in!