Whitespots Trial Park News

Whitespots Trial Park News

A few bits of news in relation to the Trials Park.

Firstly, on Sunday we met with the council enforcement officers who advised us that on Tuesday of this week they were up on the Leadmines when they encountered a rider. This rider was not a “signed up” Moto Trial NI rider and was there illegally. The officers have noted the riders name and explained to them that this type of action will not be permitted and that the only legal, official way to use the area is through club membership on the nominated days, or during organized trials. It seems this person knew that they should not have been there, and that there was an official way things should be done! Neither we as a club nor the council have any real desire for prosecution and all that may entail, but continued illegal use will be tackled. The council have invested massive amounts of time and indeed money to this venture and they WILL take action where necessary!

While there yesterday the officials located a rider at the gate from Falcon. They explained to him that he was not permitted to access the park from there and how to do so legally. This rider then came round to the car park, chatted with us and took away membership packs for himself and a friend.

There was also a guy on a Husaberg who had the cheek to freewheel down to the gate!!!! He took off when challenged and was last seen racing into Clandeboye estate. This guy was also running about on the Vertigo test day. The council enforcement team have been advised and will no doubt try to speak to this guy.

Moto Trial members then also spoke to three guys on enduro bikes on the top of the hill, they stated they were unaware that they shouldn’t be there and hopefully they will abide by the rules, time will tell! All of this information will be passed to the council and hopefully they will act where possible.

Remember folks, these guys, with their actions, are thumbing their noses at all of us who want to see the park grow! What we are doing is the proper way to do things, you only need to check the press and social media to see that councils across the country are tackling illegal riding, and yet we have a council who not only see our view, but have gone out of the way to ensure that we can enjoy our sport!!

On a positive note (it’s not all doom and gloom!!!), we had quite a bit of interest from potential new members yesterday, a family from the Annahilt area were quite keen (if anyone has a bike for sale in around £1000, we may be able to point them your way!!) and we had two new members.

It was fantastic to see multiple Ulster Champion Harold McQuaid and his father Harry sign up yesterday!! I’m sure some of the other riders will have looked on open mouthed at some of the stuff Harold can throw his Gasser up!!! It also means a lot to us as a club that they see what we’re trying to do is for the good of the sport and have joined in!!!

There were 14 riders in total on Sunday & very nearly 90 members of the park! .

Remember too, that the park is open on Wednesday nights from 11th May, half 5 to half 9!

Finally on behalf of all the team at Moto Trial NI can I wish our members Andy and Russell all the best for the SSDT which takes place from next Sunday, and also to club member Martin Drennan who is flying the flag in the 2 day pre 65!! Good luck guys!