Whitespots Trial Park – Veteran’s Concessions – Lost & Found + More

Whitespots Trial Park – Veteran’s Concessions – Lost & Found + More

Today saw the third day of the trial park being open for use.  Again we were blessed with the weather, a beautiful sunny day for those who called in for a days practice.
We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of membership forms coming in and what we have all noticed is that well over half of the membership is made up of riders who have never ridden trials competitively before!
This for us is fantastic to see, as that was always one of our hopes, that this venture would bring new riders into the sport and lead on to a resurgence of interest in trials!

Youths Whitespots Trial Park

What is also great to see is the young riders on electric bikes, today we had Ben and Josh up having fun with their folks, it’s great to see the smiles on their faces!

A surprising turn up too today!  One of our team many years ago had a TY 350 Mono, a quite rare bike, only one ever came here. It disappeared for over 20 years, but today it came out of hiding when Dylan took to the trials park, and it brought back all the memories of nearly 30 years ago when it gave such fun, and it was great to see Dylan having fun on it too, 30 years later!!!

We have also decided to add a concessionary rate to membership and park entrance for our older riders, and therefore if you are over 65 membership will be £15 a year and park entrance will be down to £5 a day, and for the over 70s membership will be FREE with the daily rate reduced to £5 as well.
Also folks, when you are sending in your applications it would help if you could also send a passport size picture.

We have also updated the Whitespots Trials Park Membership Pack March 2016

So remember the park is open every Sunday, get down and get a run out for a good days fun!!

350cc Yamaha