Whitespots Trial Park

trialparklogos2020 Whitespots Trials Park Terms & Conditions & Membership Forms

Please print the forms off and send into the address given along with your photo and payment.


We at Moto Trial NI in conjunction with Ards and North Down Borough Council are very proud to be able to provide a permanent practice facility for the sport of Motorcycle Trials.

The ‘Leadmines’ as it has been known for countless years has a long and very illustrious history within the sport of Trials and the wider motorcycling community in general.  Almost since the motorcycle was invented, keen enthusiasts have been using the areas’ unique charicteristics to test both man and machine.

During the Second World War it was used by the Army to train motorcycle dispatch riders the art of off road motorcycling.

In the 1960’s it was used as a venue for the fledgling European Trials Championship and latterly in the mid 70’s for the first ever World Championship Trial.

On the local stage, it would be no exaggeration to say that almost every Trials rider for the last 60 years has probably had their first taste of motorcycling in the Leadmines and the area continues to be a venue for local trials including the Ards Motorcycle Club’s annual Boxing Day Trial, one of the most popular events on the local calendar.

It’s fair to say that the Leadmines are a ‘Keystone’ to the sport in Northern Ireland.

This legacy is now set to continue thanks to the work done by Ards and North Down Borough Council and Moto Trial NI and we intend to further promote and improve the sport and the facility into the future.


ETHOS – A Future for Trials

The Trial Park is very much part of a shared facility in terms of other user groups and is part of the Whitespots Country Park and in light of this both Moto Trial NI & the Ards and Northdown Borough Council have now named the the new venue ‘Whitespots Trial Park’.

Clink on this link for the location:

We see the Trials Park as tool to help build and improve the Trials community…a focal point for the development of new and existing riders as well as the sport itself.

With 68 days (every Sunday throughout the year and Wednesday evenings from the beginning of May to the end of August) available to practice in a safe and controlled environment, it offers something that the sport has sadly lacked to date.

We can now provide a stable platform for training events, both youth and adult, competitions and fun events for all the family to hopefully create a sense of community within the sport.

The Trial Park can be developed and improved and our long term aim would be to provide an indoor practice facility for use all year round, with a view to helping talented young riders achieve their maximum potential, who knows…maybe even the World Championship!

In order for this to work, we need YOU to buy into the Ethos and help to create the community spirit.

Every Club Member will be responsible for the success or failure of this venture, we all have it in our hands to make this facility as good as we want and if we all work together there is no reason why the above cannot be achieved.

We have worked closely with the Council to come up with a set of Terms and Conditions which are fair and serve the best interests of our club members and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

We have no doubt that there will be a continued use of the area by individuals other than our club members and we have an assurance from both the Council and the PSNI that these individuals will be prosecuted were possible.


Why Sign Up?

The first reason to sign up is because in doing so you will be able to practice in a legal manner.  No more ducking through holes in hedges and constantly looking over your shoulder in case you get caught.

Secondly, not only is the Trials Park a fully legal operation with planning permission but it also has a proper insurance policy to keep its partners and patrons protected.

Thirdly, riders can benefit from being able to practice together. It is often said that the only way to improve is to practice with someone better than you are.  Youth Riders will be able to practice alongside their adult piers and learn from them.

Fourthly, we are hoping to introduce a ‘Sunday Club’. This would operate probably on a once a month basis, for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning, where a Moto Trial Member will be on hand to provide help and tips to improve your riding.  This would be at no extra cost!

Lastly, this is an opportunity to provide a secure and permanent centre for the sport.  It’s a long term plan to help the sport grow and thrive, to make it easier for new riders to get a start, to nurture and encourage young talent and help riders at all levels achieve their maximum potential.

We don’t anticipate that this venture will make a lot of money but you can be assured that any money made will be put back into the Park.  We already have an assurance from the council that they will work with us to help improve the terrain and our ultimate goal is to have a permanent indoor facility.

We will obviously need funding in order to achieve this and have already registered as a charity and become members of the Ards and North Down Sports Forum which entitles us to apply for grants to help with purchasing of equipment and also capital grants too.

This is an opportunity that the sport in Northern Ireland has never had before and it would be such a shame if the greater Trials community didn’t give it the support it deserves.  As we have said before the future of the sport is in YOUR hands…let’s not waste this opportunity!


Is it an Offence to ride in the Leadmines and adjoining land without permission?

Having been in contact with the PSNI locally, we can advise that the answer is, quite simply, YES!


Leadmines Plan Rev B




All Users/Riders must be a current member of Moto Trial NI and must have attended an induction session.

No ID No Practice.  Membership card must be carried at all times.  Numbered Identification Bib must be worn at all times.

Only Trials Motorcycles fitted with Trials Tyres and meeting the current FIM noise limit of 90dB/A will be permitted in the Trial Bike Area.

All Users/Riders must ensure that their motorcycle is in a safe usable condition.

Users/Riders must Sign On prior to practicing and Sign Off when they are finished.

The sign on time period will be clearly displayed, any User/Rider not signed on by the end of this period will not be allowed to practice.

Youth Users/Riders MUST be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by a Parent or Guardian.

All Riders/Users must wear a suitable Helmet and Boots.

Using the Leadmines Trials Park outside of the allocated times for Trials use is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

Courtesy must be shown at all times to other park users.

Riding in prohibited areas as shown on the park map will result in disciplinary action.

Riding in the car park is not allowed

Any User/Rider found to be in contravention with any of the Terms and Conditions will receive a written warning and their details passed to the Council and PSNI.  If found to be in contravention again they will have their pass confiscated for a period of time deemed to be appropriate by the Committee.




Adult Rider                                    –     £25 + £10/day

Youth Rider/Senior (over 65)    –     £15 + £5/day

Veteran (70 & over)                      –     Free + £5/day

Family                                             –     £35 + £15/day

(one adult & 1 child. £5 for each child thereafter)



Adult Rider      £20 + £10 Bib Deposit*

Youth Rider     £10 + £10 Bib Deposit*

Family               £25 + £15 Bib Deposit*

(one adult & 1 child. £5 for each child thereafter)

*Bib Deposit refundable on return of bib.

Completed application forms, payment, a signed copy of the Terms & Conditions & passport style photo should be sent to:

Moto Trial NI LTD
3 Castle Street
Co. Down
BT21 0DN

Cheques should be made payable to Moto Trial NI LTD.

We will accept cash but we do not advise that cash should be sent by post. You can deliver the application by hand to the above address.

The club would like to make any new members wishing to join the Trial Park aware that membership forms will now NOT be taken on any park days or evenings. All forms must be completed in full & sent in by post along with photo’s.

A day rate will have to be charged until we have the above information.




Moto Trial NI LTD accepts no responsibility for the following;

Any Users/Riders Actions – All Users/Riders are solely responsible for their own actions at all times.

Damage to or Loss of Users/Riders property.

Loss of Membership Card or Numbered Identification Bib.  These can be replaced but this will be at a cost to the User/Rider.