Youth & Beginner Adult Trial Info –

Youth & Beginner Adult Trial Info –

Youth & Beginner Adult Training Trial

Supplementary Regulations


  1. Youth & Adult Newcomers.
  2. Riders who have competed in our Adult C(Beginner) championship and NOT scored a championship point
  3. Only those competitors currently eligible to ride in the Youth grades A, B, C, D & E.
  4. We can cater for youth from 4 years old.


Any rider who has competed in our A(Clubman) or B(Sportsman) grades is NOT eligible to compete, regardless of whether they have scored championship points or not. This event is for the youth but we have decided to encourage beginner adults to come along also, our next full trial will be on the 14 of October.


The Event will start at 11am, entries are on the day. However, anyone who has not signed on by 10.30am will not be allowed to start, so please be there early!!  This is to allow us to organise the groups for training.  Each group will be allocated an experienced rider to show and explain each section.


The course will consist of a lap of 8 sections.

In the morning, each group will spend around 15 minutes at each section where they will have the finer points of trials explained.

In the afternoon there will be a two lap trial over the same 8 sections. (to see who was listening)

There will also be a ‘Youth Zone’ where less experienced young riders and complete beginners will be catered for.

The club will have their own mini trial bike (Oset) at this event were kids can Try Trials, there will be boots and crash hat to use also.

As always we are indebted to the Steele family for the use of this excellent venue so please treat it with the respect it deserves, do not race around the lanes, do not ride over the grass banks(unless they are part of a section!), follow the direction of the course at all times and take all your rubbish home with you!!

All directions are on the event page of our website and will be

We look forward to welcoming you all to what will be a very enjoyable, and hopefully informative day.