Youth Pre Events Section Photos

Youth Pre Events Section Photos

Well folks!  Robert, Andy and myself headed off into what is best described as torrential rain this morning for Mourne Park to finish off setting out the courses for next Saturdays event.
It is amazing how a day or two of rain can change the sections, there’s some water running down the rivers today!!

The adult course needed only a few minor things done to finish it and then it was on to the Youth course. For the adults every grade starts at section one then follows the course to section three. After section three the “Novice” grade head for section six, the “hill climb”, following the laneway. Clubman and Sportsman head to section four, five then join back into the lap on the laneway to the hill climb. This will be clearly marked out and explained to the riders on the morning of the event.

No rider will be allowed to access the course prior to the actual start time, via the gate out of the car park. This is to ensure the observers are in place and that the youth riders have time to get to their sections.

We have set out five testing sections for the three youth grades running along a gulley at the side of the forest and hopefully these will prove perfect for all the youth competitors. The course is compact and not too far round the forest so there should be no issue for the electric bikes.

As usual we look forward to seeing all you back for the first trial of the year and we’re also looking forward to seeing some new faces.

I would also ask if anyone is keen to help out by observing that you let us know, as you know it is sometimes a push to get enough to cover each section and also remember, if you as a competitor bring an observer your entry is FREE!!

So!  See you all next week!