Youth Trial Sections

Youth Trial Sections

Well the team were back in action yesterday marking out for this Saturdays Youth Trial @ Bertie Moors in Ards. The sections for youth A,B,C,D,E & E2 are looking great and will make a super day of training and trial!

We also have a fantastic area for our ‘Try Trials’ were kids can try our sport on the clubs Oset mini electric trials bike. We have crash hat and boots for kids to use.

Further to that if you have a mini trials bike either electric or petrol then we have  E2 Class sections just beside the start field, this is for young ones who have not ridden before but want to come and have a go. We can allow children from 4-6 yrs on the electric bike (not petrol), kids with petrol machines must be from 6 upwards.

We also have some sections for anyone who has a Trial Sin push bike in one of the barns at the farm!

Start time is 11am and we look forward to seeing everyone 🙂